Chiranjeevi’s party for Pawan Kalyan to be Mega-studded

Chiranjeevi's party for Pawan Kalyan to be Mega-studded

Megastar Chiranjeevi is a proud brother, with Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena Party winning all 21 Assembly seats recently. The Power Star has been busy participating in government formation activities in Andhra Pradesh alongside Chandrababu Naidu. He also met with Narendra Modi and Amit Shah in New Delhi on June 5th (Wednesday.

The buzz is that Chiru is going to host a nice dinner party at his residence in Hyderabad for the entire Mega family on Thursday night (June 6th). The Jana Sena Party chief will be present. 

Chiru knows that it is a special moment for the family. His younger brother’s popularity is now at an all-time high. Even the national media is talking about how his primary role in mending the fences between the TDP and the BJP has turned out to be a masterstroke. 

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