‘Manamey’ Review : Coming-of-age relationship drama

'Manamey' Review : Coming-of-age relationship drama

‘Manamey’ is produced by People Media Factory’s TG Vishwa Prasad. The film was released today (June 7th). Let’s find out what are its hits and misses.


Vikram (Sharwanand) and Subhadra (Krithi Shetty) are complete strangers who are destined to take care of Kushi (Vikram Adittya), the two-year-old kid of their respective best buddies who have died in a fire accident. Since Kushi is a citizen of London, the Vikram-Subhadra duo must travel to that country and take care of the child for six months to fulfil some legal requirements. A playboy, Vikram takes to the task with reluctance. Once he starts living under the same roof with Subhadra and Kushi, he develops an attachment with them. Meanwhile, Subhadra’s fiance is in London!


Sharwanand: Well-played by the talented actor. He looks fresh.
Krithi Shetty: After dumb movies like ‘Custody’, she looks active here. That’s a relief.
Master Vikram Adittya: The child who played Kushi is okayish.
Shiva Kandukuri and Rahul Ravindran: As a pleasing fiance and a villain, respectively, they are neat.
Ayesha Khan and Seerat Kapoor: Add some glamour value.
Others: The likes of Sachin Khedekar, Rahul Ramakrishna, Tulasi, Devi Prasad play regular parts. 

Telugu Funda’s take on the hits:

Director Sriram Adittya’s films come with a degree of self-aware novelty. While the stories of his films may be predictable after a point, ‘Manamey’ is predictable right from the start (especially if you have watched the trailer). Yet, he makes the viewer respect the movie by infusing fun elements. Hesham Abdul Wahab’s musical toppings define a lot of scenes. The treatment is what makes the difference here.

The film, at 155 minutes, is also one of the few family entertainers/romantic comedies in recent times. If you are tired of watching thrillers, this one could work for you.

Telugu Funda’s take on the misses:

The biggest demerit that ‘Manamey’ suffers from is that the story trajectory is entirely dull. The climax and pre-climax scenes don’t have any novelty about them. Only Sharwanand’s comical demeanour and characterization keep us from feeling bored.

The predictability aside, the film doesn’t offer any deep emotional dialogues in the second half. As a result, the audience have no takeaways.

Telugu Funda’s verdict:

‘Manamey’ is worth a watch but it is no way close to ‘Shatamanam Bhavati’ in terms of its theatrical pull.  

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