The Drama And Emotions Are Amazing Director Vidyadhar Kahya

The Drama And Emotions Are Amazing: Director Vidyadhar Kahya

Mas Ka Das is Vishwak Sen’s ambitious project ‘Gami’. Produced by Karthik Sabreesh on Karthik’s Kult Creations directed by Vidyadhar Kaghya, Chandni Chaudhary is the female lead. This movie was crowd funded. Presenting V Celluloid. The film’s already released promotional content has created huge buzz with tremendous response. The film will hit the screens on March 8. In this context, director Vidyadhar Kahya shared the features of ‘Gami’ in a press conference.

How did the ‘Gami’ project start? How did Vishvak come?

A real incident made me very excited. I wrote down that idea. Apart from this, I love Himalayan mountains, snow and traveling there. Also likes adventure stories like Vithalacharya. All these together become an idea. We started with the idea that we will take it in the budget we got. We made a pitch video for crowdfunding. We started the movie with the money received from it. Later, if money is needed, the producer brings it from outside. After seeing a glimpse UV Creations came. While looking for actors, we thought of Vishwak. By then none of his films had come. We did regular auditions. He chose this project with a very open mind. Really appreciate his courage. Think big.

Gami took five years, didn’t he.. What did he learn in the journey of these years?

We need one. We have been doing everything for it. Avatar is also taken for ten years. Don’t you call it a deal? It takes a while to do that. We thought we were doing something new. So there was no sense of time taken. We think that we have tried something new in terms of visual, music and technical to give a new experience to the audience.

Many characters were seen in the trailer.. Is this a hyperlink story?

There is no reason to mention that link now. It will be known after watching the movie. But as the trailer shows, all those characters will be very interesting. We took Samad, Harika and Chandni as audience.

What elements have been incorporated to tell such a traveling story to the audience?

The movie ‘Gami’ is going to be engaging. The audience is curious about what will happen next. The screenplay is very gripping. The drama is amazing. It immerses the audience in the movie.

About the Gami title?

Gami means seeker. He who reaches the destination. In this the main character has a destination. It is very interesting how it is reached.

Is there any inspiration for Shankar’s character?

It is a character based on some real life events. A fictional character.

Did you find Gami challenging?

It is a challenge to properly express the emotions we think through performances. Technically editing is also the biggest challenge. We have worked very hard to edit the complex movie so that it will immerse all the audience.

What kind of support did UV get after coming into the project?

Financial freedom has arrived. All resources are increased. We were given the time we needed. They believed we were doing something new. They gave an opportunity to do post productions on a much bigger scale.

You come from a short film background, right? What difference do you notice from a film?

I see both as the same. I will work with the same dedication.

About Shankar Mahadevan’s song?

I consider it an honor to have Shankar Mahadevan sing a song in our film.

Did the hero and heroine say that they did a lot of risky scenes in this?

I am with them. Every risk taken was shown by me or my assistant director. We all travel on the edge of risk.

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