Emotion A Big Commercial Element: GAAMI

Emotion A Big Commercial Element: GAAMI

Mas Ka Das is Vishwak Sen’s ambitious project ‘Gami’. Produced by Karthik Sabreesh on Karthik’s Kult Creations directed by Vidyadhar Kaghya, Chandni Chaudhary is the female lead. This movie was crowd funded. Presenting V Celluloid. The film has already released and the promotional content is creating huge buzz with tremendous response. The film will hit the screens on March 8. In this context, hero Vishwak Sen shared the features of ‘Gami’ in a press conference.

When did Gami’s journey begin?

Director Vidyadhar saw my ‘Vellipomaake’ and contacted me. By that time ‘What happened to this city’ was not released. He wrote the story on a very large canvas. I went into the project with the belief that he could pull off that story. I already knew that the film would take five years. If it is to be taken in a year, the budget will be more than one hundred crores. We were able to shoot gorillas in Varanasi and Kumbh Mela. That’s how the budget came together. Time is a big investment for this. This is a new movie. Because no one has taken it like this till now. We have already decided to come with such excellent quality whenever it comes. Now we are coming at the right time.

Have you made any changes in your image since then?

Doing so will spoil the movie. No one in our team has such doubts. It is not a movie made with calculations in that meter.

In your films, the songs are hits and go to the masses..Gami is different, isn’t it?

The song got picked up after the release of the trailer. We are releasing the song sung by Shankar Mahadevan in Srisailam. That’s good. In fact, I have taken a lot of precautions right from the promotions of this film. At the trailer launch event the other day, I have clearly told what will be in this movie. There are many films that become blockbusters without commercial elements. There is no emotion in the movie ‘Tumbad’ either. But we get immersed in the story. Gami is a very emotional film. After connecting with the characters, the second half of the screenplay does not leave you breathless. The big commercial element of this movie is emotion. Definitely offers the experience of watching a Christopher Nolan film on an international scale.

About director Vidyadhar?

Vidyadhar says to read the entire script before shooting. I read A very large script. While studying, I used to be afraid of how I would be able to take the actual dinni. The director did the pre-production work three years in advance for this film. All his office is prepared. He has been with this film for almost nine years. In order to make the film he wanted to make, he had planned in advance what kind of research to do. The entire team of this film is 10% but 90% of the difficulty is the director.

Gami Vishwak Sen says it is a game changer.. Can you think of it in terms of story and making?

Each film is equally difficult. I will work with my life. I worked as hard for Gangs of Godavari and Mokanik Rocky as I did for Gami. I think all three are game changers.

Gami took five years, what kind of care was taken in terms of looks? What kind of homework did you do to look awesome?

We have taken a lot of care in terms of looks. When I knew about the shooting before fifteen days, I used to prepare slowly to get into that look. For the role of Aghora, the director has given necessary research. In Kumbh Mela, however, there are a few lakhs of Aghoras. I used to be mixed with them. I went to X floor in my style. Actually many people who I don’t think of Agora have donated. This film is a challenge every day. We shot in minus 30 degrees. Legs and hands are lumpy. If they really hit it, it seems that they have taken such a risk. If I have to do it now, I won’t do it. (laughs)

In the trailer, it was seen that many of the characters have special stories. Will there be a link to everything?

You will know that while watching the movie. The screenplay is in Dunkirk style. You will enjoy this screenplay a lot while watching the movie. The screenplay is understandable to everyone. The sound is amazing. The technical elements are very enjoyable. The second half is mind blowing. Dialogues are less for my character in this. Complete performance oriented. Chandni and Abhinaya all have depth in their roles.

Are you also a producer? Did you support this movie?

The support I did for this film is not taking remuneration. They are not burdened. First of all, what kind of lifestyle I was on the set on the day, I was like that even when I went to the shoot six months ago. I worked for this film for seventy days. Shooting this movie was really an adventure. They used to go shooting even knowing that if it snowed, their lives would be in danger. Chandni also struggled a lot.

Are you releasing the movie in other languages?

Currently we are focusing on the Telugu release. We are releasing the movie in PCX format. We have four screens. This is the first time that a Telugu movie is coming in this format.

Two movies are coming in two months right?

Yes. Go to Godavari from Himalayas and come back to Malak Pate. (Laughs) Laila starts in May. I am doing a film under the production of Sudhakar Cherukuri.

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