Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi Has Romance and Crime

Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi Has Romance and Crime

Rural landscapes, love stories, and crime dramas; all woven seamlessly into one cinematic masterpiece. “Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi” is set to captivate audiences across Telugu states starting March 9, promising an engaging tale directed by Satya Raj and starring the debutant Hero Ravi Teja Nunna alongside the talented Neha Jurel.

Roshan Saluri, the son of the renowned composer Koti, takes charge of the film’s music. Hero Ravi Teja Nunna and Director Satya Raj showered praises on Roshan, comparing his musical prowess to the legendary Mani Sharma. The music, undoubtedly, adds a layer of enchantment to the film, setting the stage for the unfolding narrative.

In the heart of an idyllic village, the film revolves around a carefree youngster who discovers love in the form of a spirited woman. However, the serenity is disrupted as rural factions cast shadows over their future. Amidst the romantic backdrop, a sudden twist sees the protagonist accused of murder. The narrative takes an intriguing turn as the protagonist battles to prove his innocence, promising audiences a rollercoaster ride of romance, action, humor, and thrills.

In a pre-release interaction, Hero Ravi Teja Nunna shared insights into his debut film. Expressing his journey into acting, he acknowledged the influence of the legendary Chiranjeevi Garu on his performance. He emphasized the unique blend of action and thriller in “Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi” and his role as a co-producer, highlighting the challenges faced during the production.

Director Satya Raj, hailing from Amalapuram, revealed his inspiration for entering the world of filmmaking. The intentional narrative of two families in “Raju Gari Ammayi Naidu Gari Abbayi” is distinctively portrayed, with the director emphasizing that the title reflects the storyline rather than representing any caste. Satya Raj praised Ravi Teja Nunna’s seamless fit into the lead role, considering the freshness he brings to the character.

The film is not merely a love story; it delves into the unexplored territory of a love-and-crime thriller against the backdrop of East Godavari. Satya Raj spoke of his personal connection to the story, inspired by a real-life incident he overheard while traveling. The director strategically kept the main twist under wraps, intending to unveil it exclusively in theaters, preserving the surprise element.

Discussing the film’s certification journey, Director Satya Raj disclosed that while the initial inclination was towards an A certificate, minor changes suggested by the censor board led to a U/A certification. The film, balancing romance and crime, unfolds a crucial story post a tragic event, making the romantic song pivotal to the plot.*

Hero Ravi Teja Nunna and Director Satya Raj expressed their gratitude to the producers, Kumari Nunna and Mutyala Ram Das, for their invaluable contributions. They lauded the collaborative efforts that shaped the movie, thanking Mutyala Ram Garu for his support in bringing the vision to life.

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