Telangana Exit Polls: Analysts are confused,baffled!

Telangana Exit Polls: Analysts are confused, baffled!

The Exit Polls related to the 17 Lok Sabha seats of Telangana have garnered national attention. The reason is pretty obvious. Two national parties, namely, the ruling Congress and the BJP, are the most important contenders. The BRS has been reduced to a bruising third position in public perception. If it wins no seat at all and the AIMIM secures one seat (the crucial Hyderabad seat), the BRS will be at No. 4.

How are we to make sense of the Exit Polls? India Today’s Axis My India predicts 11-13 seats for the BJP. This would be massive if it happens, but many feel that the poll is grossly exaggerating the saffron party’s stamina. News24’s Today’s Chanakya is giving 12 seats to the BJP. Even local YouTube channels with a pro-BJP bias were not giving the BJP this sort of a bump. TV9’s Polstart, News 18’s Mega Exit Poll and ABP’s CVoter appear more realistic, giving the BJP anywhere from 7-10 seats.

TV9’s Polstart, CVoter and Mega Exit Poll have good news for the Congress party since they are giving the ruling party about 5-9 seats. The most optimistic scenario won’t play out for sure, given the perceived anti-incumbency against Revanth Reddy. The BRS has no hope from most of the pollsters.

Many of the Exit Poll findings have been contested by Netizens. Today’s Chanakya has been laughed at for predicting a BJP win in Hyderabad. Even Axis My India’s Pradeep Gupta hinted that Owaisi has a tough time although he has a clear edge in Hyderabad. The claim is baffling!

What is the defining narrative of the season?:

BJP supporters say that a minimum of 10 seats is happening come what may. “The December 2023 Assembly elections witnessed a massive anti-BRS vote. Since the Congress ran a narrative of the BJP having a ‘secret’ alliance with the BRS, that mud stuck to the BJP’s neck, making the voters see the Congress as the only alternative. But Lok Sabha is all about Modi and the Ram Mandir wave,” a Netizen says.

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