Sree Vishnu’s ‘Swag’ Promises a Roaring Good Time


Celebrations abound in Tollywood as the dynamic duo, actor Sree Vishnu and director Hasith Goli, reunite for another laughter-packed venture, following the success of “Raja Raja Chora.” This time around, the project, titled ‘Swag,’ is set to be a grand production by TG Vishwa Prasad under the banner of People Media Factory, with Vivek Kuchibhotla joining as a co-producer. The film’s intriguing concept video, released in celebration of Sree Vishnu’s birthday, introduces a humorous narrative that adds to the excitement surrounding this promising collaboration.

The concept video, a delightful watch in itself, unfolds in the jungle where animals engage in a comical conversation about electing a new leader, humorously taking the crown from the lion. Adding a touch of charm to the characters, Sunil lends his voice to the lion, while Gangavva contributes her voice to the monkey. The climax of the video unveils the film’s title, ‘Swag,’ as the animals welcome their new leader.

Sree Vishnu, portraying the king, delivers a memorable dialogue in the concept video: “Magavadiki Magavaadi Unikini Nilabettina Maa Swaganiki Vamshaniki Swagatham” (A king who left the kingdom to a worthy successor, we welcome our new leader with pride).

With the teaser and concept video hinting at a refreshing and humorous storyline, ‘Swag’ promises to be an outright entertainer with a distinct narrative that sets it apart.

Much of the team behind the success of ‘Raja Raja Chora’ will reunite for ‘Swag.’ Vedaraman Sankaran takes charge of cinematography, infusing the film with visual brilliance, while the musical maestro Vivek Sagar will compose the score, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Viplav Nyshadham, the editor, will ensure the pacing aligns with the film’s comedic rhythm. GM Shekar will bring his artistic touch to the art department, and Nandu Master will choreograph the stunts, adding the necessary thrill to the narrative.

As excitement builds, fans eagerly anticipate further details about the film, including the announcement of the leading lady and other essential elements. With ‘Swag,’ Sree Vishnu and Hasith Goli aim to deliver a cinematic experience that resonates with humor, entertainment, and a touch of the extraordinary. Get ready for a roaring good time as ‘Swag’ promises to take audiences on a laughter-filled ride like never before!

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