Pawan Kalyan had a remake in his mind: Sujeeth

Pawan Kalyan had a remake in his mind_ Sujeeth

Director Sujeeth Sign has revealed that, sometime in 2022, he was invited to meet Pawan Kalyan for a remake by DVV Entertainments. However, Power Star surprised him by opting for an original story.

“I was supposed to do a remake. I felt that a remake wouldn’t give me the kick that a straight film does. As they say, the Universe helps you by giving you what you want. Pawan Kalyan asked me to narrate an original story. That’s how ‘OG’ materialized,” Sujeeth said, expressing delight. 

Sujeeth has participated in a promotional interview for ‘Bhaje Vaayu Vegam’, whose director Prashanth Reddy is his former associate. The emotional action thriller’s trailer was released the other day. It will arrive at the cinemas on May 31st (Friday). The film stars Ravi Shankar as the antagonist. Radhan is its music director. 

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