Mirzapur Season 3 (2024): The Dullest Season of All.

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Mirzapur has been one of the most successful culture-defying series that had come out from India. It had completely failed to reach the bar that itself had created for a perfect Gangster drama.

This season 3 lacks the adrenaline rush that season 1 had and it never picks up. The major flaw has been the killing of the show’s main characters and it is alright. Sometimes, killing your darlings works well. But, why does this new formula of writers “hide your darlings?” The most important characters of the series are never seen in action, they are just reacting to the scenes and there is no successful initiation of any kind. Why? Why did the writers decide to make every character passive? It is hauntingly boring to watch the characters reacting and not acting at all.

And, we never feel the ‘Gaddi’ (Throne) at all. As if the Gaddi has no value unless Tripathi sits on it. There was a scene of declaration of Guddu to the town by vandalising the statue of Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiyya. There is no impact except the impact that filmmakers wanted which fell though flat.

The title-theme music of the show changes somewhere between 6-7 episodes. It changes from an electrifying beat to sombre mood. It is made deliberately to indicate the overall mood of the show. But, the show has been moody since the beginning? Didn’t the filmmakers not seen it? This season doesn’t require a set of 10 episodes just for the sake of having 10 episodes. It may hardly take three episodes to compose all the episode’s essence. We really need good writing in Indian series/cinema space. How long are we dependent on the star-clad status of the show and the unnecessary gore?

The end of the season which was barely made as a studio-bait for season 4 and it is completely artificial and just tying to rip off the money from the status this series had acquired and nothing else. The writers room of Mirzapur should seriously work better on the show rather than just killing and hiding the important characters..

Telugu Funda Rating: 3/10

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