iSmart “Nabha” With Priyadarshi!!!


After a notable absence from the limelight, the captivating Nabha Natesh, renowned for her standout performance in iSmart Shankar, makes a triumphant return, gracing the sets of the period action extravaganza, “Swayambhu,” alongside the talented Nikhil Siddhartha. Amidst the ongoing filming of this highly anticipated project, Nabha recently shared a captivating video that has sent ripples of excitement through her fanbase.

In the video unveiled yesterday, Nabha Natesh flaunted her versatility by flawlessly channeling Prabhas, emulating his signature catchphrase, “Darling.” Engaging in delightful banter, Priyadarshi, celebrated for his dynamic acting prowess, joined Nabha in the video, endearingly addressing her as “Darling.” While initial speculation leaned towards this being a mere promotional gimmick, the subsequent revelation caught many off guard.

It has now been disclosed that Priyadarshi and Nabha Natesh are poised to headline an upcoming cinematic venture titled “Darling,” under the direction of Tamil maestro Aswin Raam. Drawing inspiration from the beloved Prabhas-starrer of the same name, the team ingeniously intertwined this association into their promotional narrative, heightening anticipation among fans. An imminent official announcement regarding this project holds the promise of unveiling further details, ensuring a captivating journey for audiences. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this eagerly awaited cinematic endeavor.

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