After ‘MAD’, can Narne Nithin surprise in ‘AAY’?

After 'MAD', can Narne Nithin surprise in 'AAY'?

Narne Nithin, the brother-in-law of Jr NTR, was seen as one of the lead actors in last year’s ‘MAD’. The film gave him psychological momentum but not real success. The show-stealer was Sangeeth Shoban in that film.

Therefore, ‘AAY’ is the real, de facto debut for the young chap. Born in 1994, he needs to prove himself as a solo hero with the film, which is produced by Bunny Vas and Vidya Koppineedi of GA2 Pictures. The youthful entertainer will arrive at the cinemas on August 15th.

‘Sri Sri Sri Raja Vaaru’ is another film in which he has acted. But the project has been shelved. This makes ‘AAY’ all the more important for Nithin.

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