GA2 Pictures Presents Hilarious Entertainer ‘AAY’

GA2 Pictures Presents Hilarious Entertainer 'AAY’

“GA2 Pictures’ Production No.9 Unveils Hilarious Title ‘AAY’ in a Phone Call Starring Bunny Vas, Narne Nithiin, Nayan Sarika, and Anji Kanchipalli”

GA2 Pictures, the renowned production house known for delivering successful and content-oriented films, is set to tickle the audience’s funny bone with their upcoming project, tentatively titled ‘AAY.’ Directed by debutant filmmaker Anji Kanchipalli, the film stars the dynamic Narne Nithiin and the gorgeous Nayan Sarika in lead roles. Producers Bunny Vas and Vidya Koppineedi are helming the production.

The film’s shooting has concluded, and as the post-production activities are in full swing, the makers initiated their promotional campaign with an innovative title announcement. The team released a concept video featuring a humorous phone call between producer Bunny Vas, hero Narne Nithiin, heroine Nayan Sarika, and director Anji Kanchipalli, revealing the movie’s title.

The amusing call begins with the producer playfully pressuring the director to disclose the title. However, the repeated response of “AAY” from the director becomes a source of confusion and humor. To add to the entertainment, the hero and heroine join the conversation, leading to a delightful misunderstanding about the term “AAY,” particularly in the context of Godavari people.

The title announcement concept video has gained attention for its witty banter, humorous references, and overall entertainment value. Bunny Vas, with his characteristic charm, also shared that the movie is slated for a summer release, saying, “Summerlo Kummedham.” The video concludes with the exciting revelation that the first look of the film will be unveiled on March 7th.

This ambitious project, presented by the eminent producer Allu Aravind, brings together a talented cast and crew. The art direction is handled by Kiran Kumar Manne, cinematography by Sameer Kalyani, and music composed by Ram Miryala. Fans are eagerly awaiting further details about this promising project from GA2 Pictures.

About GA2 Pictures:

GA2 Pictures, a collaboration between ace producer Allu Aravind and producer Bunny Vas, is widely celebrated for delivering blockbuster and content-driven films. Some of their notable successes include “Bhale Bhale Magadivoy,” “Geetha Govindam,” “Taxiwala,” “Prathi Roju Pandage,” “Most Eligible Bachelor,” and more.

With Narne Nithiin, Nayan Sarika, and a stellar team, ‘AAY’ promises to be a laughter-packed ride that will soon hit the screens. Stay tuned for more updates on this delightful comedy from GA2 Pictures!

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