The Viral Fever: Here is why many viewers hate their shows

The Viral Fever_ Here is why many viewers hate their shows

The Viral Fever has been a separate genre in the Hindi-language OTT space. From ‘Permanent Roommates’ to ‘Aspirants’, from ‘Kota Factory’ to ‘Panchayat’, they have had a great following on both OTT and YouTube.

But they have also managed to piss off a section of viewers, who believe that the TVF products are inferior. “India went from watching and idolizing larger-than-life romantic adventurous characters to idolizing corrupt government officials, coaching teachers and babus. From big mansions, slum sprawls and jungles to coaching classes, Mukherjee Nagar rooms and roadside alcohol gatherings,” writes Mr. Melancholy, a social media user. For those who don’t know, Mukherjee Nagar is a prominent locality in Delhi where UPSC aspirants live.

“The genre of manufactured nostalgia is an unbearable cringe only meant to be consumed by men who spent their formative years in JEE, NEET prep and can’t get out of ‘woe is me’ brain rot,” writes another Twitter user.

The TVF is also accused of promoting a certain useless mindset through its shows that are made by a certain kind of people. “The truth is the makers/writers are yet to come out of their exam preparation trauma. I would really appreciate it if they stop glorifying the f*$ked up education system and have an inclusive and diverse crew and characters,” a Netizen ponders.

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