TFCC South India Nandi Awards Set to Dazzle in Dubai


The Telangana Film Chamber of Commerce (TFCC) is all set to bring the glitz and glamour of the South India Nandi Awards to the vibrant city of Dubai. The announcement was made at a press meet organized in Dubai, where the TFCC Nandi Awards brochure was unveiled by the esteemed actor, Suman. The decision to host the awards ceremony in Dubai underscores the global recognition and appreciation for the rich cinematic contributions of the South Indian film industry.

Famous actor Suman, a prominent figure in the South Indian film industry, expressed his congratulations to TFCC Chairman Dr. Pratani Ramakrishna Goud for taking the TFCC South India Nandi Awards to Dubai. Suman highlighted the significance of recognizing the talent and hard work of artists and technicians in the film industry. He praised Dubai as a developed country that not only prioritizes business but also gives due importance to the arts. Suman encouraged everyone to attend the awards program, emphasizing the positive impact it could have on the Telugu cinema’s glory.

Dr. Pratani Ramakrishna Goud, the Chairman of TFCC, shared insights into the decision to hold the TFCC South India Nandi Awards in Dubai. He acknowledged that the awards ceremony, originally slated for the previous year, had been postponed due to the Telangana elections. Goud expressed his gratitude to Suman for his participation, considering it a gesture of goodwill towards the TFCC Nandi Awards. Notably, the TFCC South India Nandi Awards will extend recognition not only to Telugu artistes but also to talents in the Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries. Goud emphasized that these awards would encompass 24 crafts, honoring actors and actresses alike.

The TFCC Chairman extended a warm invitation to the film fraternity and enthusiasts to join the event in Dubai, making the TFCC South India Nandi Awards program a grand success. With the support of the artists, technicians, and cinema lovers, the awards ceremony aims to be a momentous celebration of excellence in Southern cinema.

The press meet in Dubai saw the presence of key figures, including T Homes CMD Vaikuntha Rao, Binu Charlie, Manager of Dubai Prince, CA Ravikumar Singiri, and other distinguished guests.

The TFCC South India Nandi Awards taking place in Dubai is a momentous occasion that highlights the global impact and recognition of Southern cinema. As the film industry comes together to celebrate the talents and achievements of artists and technicians, Dubai is set to witness a spectacle that transcends borders and showcases the brilliance of South Indian cinema on an international stage. The TFCC South India Nandi Awards in Dubai promise to be a memorable and prestigious event that elevates the stature of Southern cinema to new heights.

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