Mastu Shades Unnai Ra: Abhinav Gomatham’s Stellar Performance Wins Audience Hearts


It’s refreshing to see a small film making waves and winning hearts. “Mastu Shades Unnai Ra,” starring Abhinav Gomatham, has become the talk of the town, not just for its unique title but for the actor’s standout performance and the film’s success with audiences. Directed by Tirupati Rao Indla and produced by Bhavani Kasula, Arem Reddy, and Prashanth.V, the film hit screens worldwide on February 23, and it has already left a lasting impression as a clean family entertainer.

The journey from conceptualization to release is never easy for a small film, and the team behind “Mastu Shades Unnai Ra” faced numerous challenges. In a thanksgiving meet organized by the film unit on a Sunday, producer Bhavani Kasula expressed her emotions, shedding tears of joy for overcoming the hurdles and seeing the film successfully screened with the support of the audience. She acknowledged the storms faced during the film’s journey and credited the audience for standing by them.

The director, Tirupati Rao Indla, expressed gratitude for the unwavering support received from the media. He emphasized the crucial role played by the media in carrying their small film and promoting it effectively. As days pass, the audience’s appreciation for the movie continues to grow, indicating that the film is striking a chord with viewers who are drawn to its family-friendly appeal.

Lead actor Abhinav Gomatham spoke candidly about the pressure he felt leading up to the film’s release. The unique title and the anticipation surrounding the project added to the expectations. However, the actor expressed relief and joy after witnessing the audience’s positive response to the film. Gomatham credited the hard work put in by producer Bhavani Kasula and the entire team, emphasizing that their collective efforts have been duly rewarded.

The thanksgiving meet also saw the participation of key members of the film, including heroine Vaishali, writer Radhakrishna, and actors Rohan Roy and Main. The entire team shared in the joy of the film’s success, celebrating the culmination of their hard work and dedication.

“Mastu Shades Unnai Ra” is proving to be a testament to the fact that a small film, backed by passionate individuals, can leave a lasting impact. Abhinav Gomatham’s unique dialogue delivery and the film’s clean family entertainment appeal have struck a chord with audiences. As the film continues to gain momentum and positive reviews, it stands as a reminder that good storytelling, coupled with dedicated teamwork, can triumph against all odds. Here’s to “Mastu Shades Unnai Ra” and the team for delivering a cinematic experience that resonates with the audience.

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