Supreme Hero Sai Durga Tej Launches “Guttu Chappudu” Teaser 

Supreme Hero Sai Durga Tej Launches _Guttu Chappudu_ Teaser

Prepare for an exhilarating blend of action and romance as the much-anticipated teaser of “Guttu Chappudu” has finally been unveiled. Supreme Hero Sai Durga Tej took to the virtual realm to launch the teaser online, igniting excitement among eager fans. Produced by Dr. Livingston under the esteemed banner of Don Entertainments, the film stars the talented Sanjay Rao, son of senior actor Brahmaji, alongside the enchanting Ayesha Khan.

Directed by the visionary Manindran, “Guttu Chappudu” boasts a captivating musical score by the rising Pan-India music director duo Sanjay Rao and Ayesha Khan, whose previous work in “Hanuman” garnered widespread acclaim.

The offline launch of the teaser, held at Prasad Labs, witnessed veteran actor Brahmaji himself releasing the teaser amidst much fanfare. Following the launch, a press conference ensued, providing insights into the film’s production and excitement from the cast and crew.

Brahmaji, Actor: “The shooting of ‘Guttu Chappudu’ has been smooth sailing, and I’m delighted to witness Sai Durga Tej unveiling the teaser online while I have the privilege of launching it offline. This marks my son’s third venture into cinema, and I’m immensely proud of the exceptional team assembled for this project. Director Manindran has meticulously crafted the story, and the teaser has left me convinced of its success. The only puzzle remains why I wasn’t offered a role!”

Dr. Livingston, Producer: “From the moment director Manindran narrated the story, I was captivated. With over a decade of collaboration, we spared no expense in assembling a top-tier team of talents and technicians for this project. The music directors, now celebrated nationwide, along with Gaura Hari and others, have contributed to creating a formidable team. ‘Guttu Chappudu’ is not merely a romantic action film; it carries a powerful message, and Sanjay has truly excelled in portraying his character’s duality. While the teaser offers a glimpse, the best is yet to come. We initially budgeted conservatively for the climax fight, but to ensure quality, we spared no expense, shooting it at the Zaheerabad Sugar Factory. My heartfelt gratitude to Sai Durga Tej for his unwavering support.”

Gaura Hari, Music Director: “This film marks a pivotal opportunity for me. Director Manindran’s trust in my abilities is deeply appreciated, and I hope to have met his expectations. ‘Guttu Chappudu’ boasts a compelling storyline that allows for impactful music, and I extend my gratitude to the director and producers for this invaluable opportunity.”

Manindran, Director: “While the budget may have exceeded our initial projections, producer Livingston’s steadfast support has been instrumental in realizing our vision. The cooperation of the lead actor has been exemplary, reflecting in the film’s grandeur. Every member of the team, from technicians to actors, has contributed to the exceptional quality of the project. I’ve shared a decade-long camaraderie with music director Gaura Hari, whose musical compositions elevate the film to new heights. ‘Guttu Chappudu’ is not just entertainment; it’s an immersive experience that will leave audiences enthralled.”

Sanjay Rao, Hero: “Embarking on my third cinematic endeavor, I’ve been privileged to witness the dedication of every individual involved in this project. From the moment the music director presented the first tune, I knew it belonged in the film. Director Manindran’s friendship and producer Livingston’s pivotal role in my personal life have made this project particularly significant. This film is a milestone for me, offering something for everyone and setting the stage for unprecedented success.”

As anticipation mounts and excitement reaches a crescendo, “Guttu Chappudu” promises to be a cinematic spectacle that transcends genres, delivering an unforgettable viewing experience for audiences worldwide.

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