Sai Durga Tej: Tribute to Women, Soldiers, and his Mother


Supreme Hero Sai Durga Tej, formerly known as Sai Dharam Tej, shared the inspiration behind his name change and his deep-rooted connection to the women in his life, particularly his beloved mother. This profound moment took place on Women’s Day during the screening of the musical short feature, “Satya,” produced under his own banner, Vijaya Durga Productions, in collaboration with Dil Raju Productions.

Sai Durga Tej, known for his commitment to social causes, has been actively involved in various service programs and philanthropic endeavors. Not only does he contribute a portion of his earnings to charity, but he has also taken charge of an old age home in Vijayawada and supported over 100 children in a Telangana village school.

“Satya,” a musical short feature, is a testament to Sai Durga Tej’s respect for women and his love for soldiers. Produced by Vijaya Durga Productions and Dil Raju Productions, the film explores the sacrifices made by soldiers and the unwavering support of the women behind them. The special screening on Women’s Day served as a platform to discuss the movie’s social impact.

Dil Raju, the renowned producer, commended the efforts of Sai Durga Tej and the entire team in contributing to society through the medium of cinema. He expressed confidence in the positive outcomes of their collective endeavors.

Sai Durga Tej, in a heartfelt speech, shared the significance of the three great women in his life – his grandmother Anjana Devi, his mother Vijaya Durga, and his younger sister Madhavi. Their influence has been a source of immense joy and inspiration for the actor.

The movie “Satya” has garnered international acclaim, having been screened at approximately 25 film festivals and receiving numerous awards. Director Naveen Vijayakrishna highlighted the movie’s unique perspective, presenting the story from a soldier’s point of view and emphasizing the significant role played by women.

Sai Durga Tej, speaking about his production company, Vijaya Durga Productions, revealed his aspiration to honor his mother by naming the company after her. In a touching gesture, he announced his name change to Sai Durga Tej, emphasizing the importance of his mother’s presence in his life.

“Satya” is a heartwarming portrayal of the love between a soldier and his wife, shedding light on the sacrifices made by soldiers and the resilience of the women who support them. The film, driven by a purposeful concept, pays tribute to the unsung heroes of the country and the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters who stand behind them.

Sai Durga Tej’s decision to incorporate his mother’s name into his own reflects not only a personal connection but also a commitment to embodying the values and strength derived from the women who have played pivotal roles in his life. The actor, with his compassionate initiatives and cinematic contributions, continues to leave an indelible mark on both the reel and real world.

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