Rayalaseema Emerges as a Filmmaking Hub: Mahi V. Raghav Clarifies Allegations


Filmmaker Mahi V. Raghav, known for his diverse portfolio including ‘Yatra,’ ‘Anando Brahma,’ and ‘Saithaan,’ has recently addressed allegations related to acquiring two acres of land at Horsley Hills, Madanapalle, from the Andhra Pradesh Government for his latest project ‘Yatra 2.’ Raghav has been a prominent figure in the industry for 16 years, having worked as a writer, producer, and director.

In response to accusations suggesting personal gains from the land acquisition, Raghav passionately defended his intentions, emphasizing his commitment to contributing to the underrepresented Rayalaseema region. Born and raised in Madanapalle, a part of Rayalaseema, Raghav expressed a desire to develop the region through his cinematic ventures.

Raghav has successfully established Moon Water Pictures and Three Autumn Leaves production houses, presenting a series of films and web series, including ‘Village Lo Vinayakudu,’ ‘Paathasala,’ ‘Yatra,’ ‘Siddha Lokam Ela Undi,’ and ‘Save The Tigers.’ His recent release, ‘Yatra 2,’ is currently playing in theaters.

The filmmaker shed light on the historical neglect of Rayalaseema in the film industry, stating that the region was rarely chosen for film shootings. Despite this, Raghav decided to invest his resources in projects like ‘Paathasala,’ ‘Yatra 2,’ ‘Siddha Lokamela Undi,’ and ‘Saithaan’ to showcase and contribute to the local area.

“I want to contribute to the place where I was born and brought up. That’s why I have spent my hard-earned money at my birthplace,” affirmed Raghav.

Addressing the allegations, he clarified that the land acquisition was not about personal gain but aimed at constructing a mini studio in Rayalaseema, spanning only two acres. Raghav highlighted the potential benefits for both the filmmaking community and the local population, providing essential amenities for film shoots and stimulating economic activity in the region.

In his closing remarks, Raghav criticized the lack of industry support for the development of Rayalaseema, calling attention to the disparity in land allocation compared to other regions. Despite facing scrutiny, Raghav remains steadfast in his commitment to uplifting his hometown and fostering a cinematic environment in Rayalaseema.

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