MYRA’: Today’s society is against Nature: Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Devanatha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji


Contemporary society is in conflict with nature, necessitating a pan-Indian film like ‘Myra,’ according to Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Devanatha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji.

‘Myra,’ originally a Telugu film directed by Smile Srinu under the banner of Padma Shri Features, has gained recognition in Kannada. The spiritual leader Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Devanatha Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji lauded the movie as relevant, emphasizing its potential significance in addressing the challenges of today’s societal norms.

Expressing concern over the adversarial relationship between modern lifestyles and sustainable living, Swamiji noted that ‘Myra’ could serve as a beneficial message-driven film. He highlighted the detrimental impact of contemporary living on nature and encouraged viewers to watch the film not only in Telugu and Kannada but also in other languages, appreciating its potential to convey a valuable message.

Director Smile Srinu expressed gratitude for Swamiji’s blessings, acknowledging his instrumental role in advocating for ‘Myra’ to be crafted as a pan-Indian film. Srinu revealed that Swamiji provided valuable suggestions related to the film’s theme, particularly emphasizing the importance of living in harmony with nature. Encouraged by Swamiji’s words, the team plans to cast a prominent heroine in the Telugu version, with further details set to be disclosed soon.

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