Photo of the Day: Modi has cast his vote, have you?


India is currently in the midst of its electoral phase, with polls underway for parliamentary constituencies in a phased manner. Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cast his vote in Ahmedabad during the third phase of the elections, which are being conducted in seven phases.

Taking to his social media profile, Narendra Modi proudly displayed his inked finger after voting at a polling booth in Ahmedabad’s Nishan Higher Secondary School.

Addressing the media outside the polling booth, Modi emphasized the significance of voting, stating, “Today is the third phase of voting. There is great importance of ‘Daan‘ in our country and in the same spirit, the countrymen should vote as much as possible. Four rounds of voting are still ahead.”

Sharing his voting experience on his social media profile, Modi wrote, “Voted in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections! Urging everyone to do so as well and strengthen our democracy.”

On Tuesday, voting is taking place in 94 constituencies across 10 states and 1 Union territory in the third phase of the 18th Lok Sabha elections.

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