Ap Elections 2024 : Chiranjeevi Supports Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena

Ap Elections 2024 : Chiranjeevi Supports Pawan Kalyan's Janasena

Following the meeting between the Tollywood delegation and AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy, there was widespread outcry over the treatment of Tollywood celebrities at the CM’s office. One significant incident was Chiranjeevi speaking with folded hands in front of Jagan, deeply upsetting JSP cadres and mega fans at the time.

Turning to the present, Chiranjeevi has thrown his full support behind Pawan Kalyan. After recently donating Rs 5 crore to Janasena, Chiru has now released a video urging the public to stand by Pawan Kalyan.

“Pawan Kalyan was compelled to act in films, but his entry into politics was entirely voluntary. He embarked on his political journey with sincerity, selflessly aiding farmers, soldiers, and people from all walks of life. Voters should recognize his noble intentions when casting their votes,” Chiranjeevi stated.

Chiru also expressed his distress over recent events. “Any father would take pride in seeing his son strive towards his goals. Similarly, any brother would be pained to witness his sibling facing hate and criticism. It saddens me to see Pawan endure such challenges, but he does so for the people of AP, and I admire his determination and resilience.”

Chiranjeevi is unequivocally rallying behind Pawan’s Janasena, which could be linked not only to Pawan being targeted by YCP, but also to Chiru’s own past mistreatment, remarked a Mega fan.

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