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After several postponements Ooru Peru Bhairavakona has finally hit the the screen in the form of premiere shows as Valentine’s Day gift. Sandeep Kishan as lead role has definite need to score a hit along with the movie director V I Anand.The film is completely a Director movie and  The film falls in the fantasy genre and lets delve into review to find out how the director immersed the audiences into his fantasy land.


“Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” introduces viewers to the compelling life journey of Basava (Sandeep Kishan), an orphan who, unfortunately, falls into the clutches of a thief during his childhood. The influence of this encounter shapes Basava’s destiny, leading him down a path of crime, and he eventually becomes a thief himself. However, a significant turning point occurs when Basava realizes the need for a more dignified and honorable life.

This transformative realization prompts Basava to leave behind his life of crime and embark on a new journey. He transitions into the world of cinema, taking up the role of a stuntman, with the loyal support of his companion, John (Harsha Chemudu). This career shift not only provides Basava with a legitimate source of income but also symbolizes his desire for a more respectable and virtuous existence.

The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Bhoomi (Varsha Bollama) enters Basava’s life by accident. Bhoomi’s presence becomes a catalyst for change, both uplifting and shattering Basava’s life in ways he never anticipated. Her role becomes pivotal in shaping Basava’s character and influencing the choices he makes.

As the story unfolds, the connection between Basava, Bhoomi, and Bhairavakona becomes clearer. Bhairavakona appears to hold a significant role in the characters’ lives, acting as a backdrop to their intertwined destinies. The narrative weaves a tale of mystery, romance, and destiny, keeping the audience engaged and curious about the connections between the characters and the mystical Bhairavakona.

In the final act of the story, Basava, accompanied by John and Geetha (Kavya Thapar), decides to pull off one last heist. This heist becomes a crucial juncture in the narrative, testing the characters’ mettle and resolving the lingering mysteries surrounding Bhairavakona.

The impact Bhoomi has on Basava’s life is profound, serving as a catalyst for change and growth. Their connection, along with the mystery surrounding Bhairavakona, adds layers to the plot, creating a narrative rich in emotion, suspense, and intrigue. The final heist becomes a culmination of the characters’ journeys, leading to a resolution that ties together the threads of their interconnected lives.

As the climax unfolds, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of emotions, with questions about Basava, Bhoomi, and Bhairavakona finally answered. The success or failure of the heist becomes the ultimate revelation, bringing the narrative full circle and providing a satisfying conclusion to the enthralling tale of “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona.”


Varsha Bollamma emerges as the true gem, infusing life and depth into the character of Bhoomi. As the heart and soul of the movie, her portrayal adds a layer of authenticity and emotional resonance that resonates with audiences. Bollamma’s performance is nothing short of stellar, capturing the essence of Bhoomi’s character with finesse.

Bhoomi, portrayed by Varsha Bollama, is not just a character but a vibrant force that drives the narrative forward. Bollamma’s ability to convey a range of emotions, from joy to heartache, creates a connection with the audience, making Bhoomi a character to root for. Her nuanced acting brings out the complexities of Bhoomi’s journey, making her a standout presence in every frame.

On the flip side, Ravi Shankar’s portrayal of the antagonist adds a layer of intrigue to the movie’s subplot. His nuanced performance lends depth to the character, making the audience both despise and understand the motives behind the character’s actions. Shankar’s ability to balance the shades of grey in his character contributes significantly to the overall appeal of the film.

Vennela Kishore, known for his impeccable comic timing, weaves his magic in #OoruPeruBhairavaKona. His role, while not the central focus, ensures a seamless blend of humor into the narrative. Kishore’s one-liners and comedic antics serve as a delightful reprieve, connecting well with the storyline and providing moments of laughter for the audience.

Sandeep Kishan, in the titular role, delivers a satisfactory performance. While not stealing the spotlight, Kishan holds his own, portraying the character with a decent blend of emotion and charisma. His on-screen presence contributes to the overall appeal of the film, anchoring the narrative and ensuring a cohesive storytelling experience.

Kavya Thapar, in a subtle yet impactful role, adds a layer of sophistication to the movie. Her nuanced portrayal enhances the overall dynamics of the characters, creating a balanced ensemble. Thapar’s ability to convey emotions through subtlety complements the broader narrative, making her a valuable addition to the cast.

Techinical Aspects

Director V I Anand, known for his prowess in blending fantasy with compelling storytelling, exhibits partial success in immersing the audience into the enchanting world of #OoruPeruBhairavaKona. His vision is evident in creating a fantastical realm that serves as the backdrop for the movie’s narrative. Anand’s ability to weave elements of fantasy into the storyline contributes to the movie’s overall appeal, offering viewers a visually rich and immersive experience.

The music by Shekar Chandra proves to be a standout aspect of the film. His terrific compositions not only enhance the emotional depth of the scenes but also play a pivotal role in elevating the overall cinematic experience. Chandra’s background score, in particular, emerges as a significant support to the movie, seamlessly blending with the narrative and heightening the impact of crucial moments. The use of BGM in certain scenes is noted for its ability to evoke emotions and enhance the storytelling.

Two songs, “Humma Humma” and “Nijamene Chebutunna,” stand out as instant chartbusters, adding a musical charm to the film. Chandra’s expertise in crafting melodies that resonate with the audience contributes to the movie’s commercial appeal, making these songs a highlight of the soundtrack.

While the music and fantasy elements shine, the screenplay, unfortunately, falls short of maintaining a consistently engaging pace. The narrative progression is described as sluggish, and at times, the storytelling may lack the urgency needed to keep the audience completely captivated. The pacing issues, however, do not overshadow the movie’s strengths, but they are noticeable aspects that could have been improved upon.

On the visual front, the cinematography in OoruPeruBhairavaKona is commendable. The top-notch cinematography captures the grandeur of the fantasy world, showcasing stunning visuals that transport the audience into a realm of magic and wonder. The skilled use of camera angles and visual compositions adds depth to the storytelling, creating a visually captivating experience for the viewers.

Telugu Funda Analysis

“Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” presents a fantastical canvas enriched with various elements, but the narrative seems to have cooked only 80% of its potential. The film holds a promising set of ingredients, yet the main soul, the love story, feels like it could have been more thoroughly established to truly captivate the audience.

While the fantasy land and other aspects are well played, the central love story, which forms the backbone of the movie, may not have been given the attention it truly deserves. Establishing a compelling and engaging love story is crucial for a film of this genre, as it serves as the emotional core that connects the audience to the characters and their journey.

The film’s potential to be much more interesting could hinge on a more in-depth exploration of the love narrative. Providing a solid foundation for the love story would not only make it more convincing but also ensure that the audience is emotionally invested in the characters. This might involve giving more screen time to the development of the relationship, allowing the viewers to witness the nuances of the characters’ emotions and connections.

On a positive note, the fantasy elements are well-executed, and the artists deliver commendable performances. The fantasy land is intricately crafted, capturing the imagination with stunning visuals and creative world-building. The actors succeed in pulling off their roles, injecting life into their characters and contributing to the overall charm of the film.

While the love story may be the focal point, the film’s success relies on a harmonious blend of all its elements. This includes not only a well-established romantic narrative but also seamless integration with the fantasy elements, engaging screenplay, and top-notch cinematography.

In conclusion, “Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” has the potential to be a more captivating cinematic experience if the central love story is given the attention it deserves. Despite the film being 80% cooked, the fantasy elements and the performances of the artists salvage the overall viewing experience. With a more robust foundation for the love story, the movie could potentially elevate itself to a higher level of cinematic excellence.

Telugu Funda Verdict

“Ooru Peru Bhairavakona” finds itself in a peculiar position, as it could have been more impactful if it had chosen to cater specifically to either a younger audience or adults. Instead, it falls into the category of an okayish one-time watch, showcasing strengths in various aspects but lacking the focus needed to excel in a particular demographic.

The film’s primary challenge seems to be its attempt to strike a balance between appealing to both children and adults. A more focused approach could have allowed the filmmakers to tailor the narrative, tone, and themes more precisely to a specific target audience.

For a younger audience, the film might have benefited from a more whimsical and straightforward storytelling style, emphasizing the enchanting fantasy elements that captivate the imagination of children. This could involve simplifying certain plot points, incorporating more vibrant visuals, and amplifying the fantastical elements to create a more immersive experience for younger viewers.

On the other hand, a more mature and nuanced approach could have elevated the film into a compelling experience for adults. This might include delving deeper into the complexities of the characters, providing a more intricate plot, and exploring themes that resonate with an older audience.

By attempting to cater to both demographics, the film risks diluting its impact, resulting in a narrative that may not fully satisfy either group. While the movie may have its strengths, such as well-executed fantasy elements and commendable performances, the lack of a specific focus may leave some viewers feeling that it falls short of its full potential.

Nevertheless, the film manages to secure its position as an okayish one-time watch, offering a blend of elements that can be enjoyed by a broad audience. It becomes a film that, while not excelling in a specific category, manages to provide a satisfactory viewing experience, especially for those seeking a mix of fantasy, romance, and adventure.

Telugu Funda Rating: 2.75 / 5

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