“Fear” Unveils an Intriguing Journey


The completion of a film’s shooting is a momentous occasion, and the team behind the upcoming suspense thriller “Fear” has recently celebrated this milestone. Heroine Vedika, essaying the lead role, successfully wrapped up shooting for the movie, leaving anticipation in its wake. Produced by AR Abhi under the Dattatreya Media banner, with co-producers Sujatha Reddy and Sama Surender Reddy, “Fear” is helmed by debutant director Haritha Gogineni. As the shooting concludes seamlessly in a single schedule, the film promises an edge-of-the-seat experience, coupled with a stellar cast and an intriguing storyline.

“Fear” is set to redefine the suspense thriller genre, offering audiences a gripping narrative filled with twists and turns. Director Haritha Gogineni has crafted a storyline that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, adding an extra layer of excitement to the film. The completion of shooting marks the successful execution of a well-thought-out plan, showcasing the director’s clarity of vision and dedication to the project.

The movie boasts an ensemble cast featuring the talented Vedika in the lead role, supported by Arvind Krishna, JP (Jayaprakash), Pavitra Lokesh, Anish Kuruvilla, Sayaji Shinde, Satya Krishna, Sahithi Dasari, Shani, and more. Each actor contributes to the cinematic tapestry, adding depth and dimension to their characters, promising an immersive experience for the audience.

Despite being Haritha Gogineni’s directorial debut, the shooting of “Fear” was executed with remarkable clarity and efficiency. The director’s meticulous planning and the seamless cooperation of the entire team resulted in the completion of the shooting within a single schedule. The success of the shooting phase reflects the passion and dedication invested by the director and the team into bringing this suspense thriller to life.

Post-Production Underway:

With shooting now wrapped up, the film has entered the post-production phase. The crew is diligently working on the final touches, enhancing the overall cinematic experience. The makers have shared their satisfaction with the output, promising an excellent result that will soon be unveiled to the audience.

Theatrical Release Announcement:

As the post-production activities progress smoothly, the anticipation surrounding “Fear” continues to grow. The makers have hinted at an imminent announcement of the film’s theatrical release date. Movie enthusiasts and suspense thriller aficionados can look forward to a thrilling experience as “Fear” prepares to unfold its enigmatic storyline on the big screen.


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