“Extraordinary Man” Delivers an Extra ‘ordinary’ Cinematic Experience


Release Date: December 8, 2023

The Telugu film industry has witnessed a star-studded collaboration in “Extra Ordinary Man,” featuring a stellar cast including Nithiin, sree Leela, Sampath Raj, Rajashekar, Ravu Ramesh, Hariteja, Sudheer Nayar, Harshavardhan, Hyper Aadi, Pavitra Lokesh, Brahmanandam, Rohini, Annapurna, and others. With Vakkantham Vamsi as the writer and Sudhakar Reddy as the producer, the film promises to be a cinematic extravaganza.

Plot Summary:

The story revolves around Abhi, played by Nithiin, a budding junior artist who aspires to become a hero. However, his dreams are at odds with his father’s (Ravu Ramesh) disapproval. Amidst these circumstances, he falls in love with Likitha (Sree leela), a diligent writer. The narrative takes a turn when Abhi, in pursuit of his dreams, inadvertently becomes a police officer, Arjun Baladev (Rajashekar), leading to a series of unexpected events.

Does Abhi become the main character? How is he related to the antagonist? How did Abhi become a Police Officer? Forms the crux of the movie.

Telugu Funda Analysis:

Nithin has been much of himself compared to his previous films in the first half but falls flat in the second half. Sree leela is strictly only for the dance moves.

Nithiin’s energetic and charismatic performance in the lead role has received accolades. His on-screen chemistry with Sree Leela has been a highlight of the film. While Sree Leela’s role showcases her talent, Nithiin’s portrayal of Abhi demonstrates versatility and energy in parts.

Ravu Ramesh is apt for the father role and suited the character

Dr.Rajasekhar is okayish and supported the later half of the film.

Remaining others are ok in their respective characters.

Technical Aspects:

“Extra Ordinary Man” boasts commendable technical aspects, including cinematography by Arthur A. Wilson and H. Yuvaraj, editing by Praveen Pudi, and a musical score by Harris Jayaraj. The seamless integration of these elements enhances the overall cinematic experience.

Director Vakkantham Vamsi, known for his work in the industry, has crafted a narrative that blends action, comedy, emotions, and sentiments seamlessly. The engaging screenplay and well-designed dialogues contribute to the overall appeal of the movie.

Telugu Funda Verdict:

“Extra Ordinary Man” offers a refreshing blend of entertainment, comedy, and emotion, making it a must-watch for fans of Telugu cinema. The film has successfully introduced new elements while maintaining the essence of a regular entertainer. With extraordinary performances and technical brilliance, “Extra Ordinary Man” is set to leave a lasting impression on audiences, proving that it is indeed an extraordinary cinematic experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness this unique and entertaining film that stands out in the crowded world of Telugu cinema.

Telugu Funda Rating : 2.25/5.

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