Chahat Productions Producer Kamalesh Kumar’s Vision Unveiled!


In a vibrant ode to the love for cinema, a new production house has emerged on the horizon – ‘Chahat Productions,’ with the dynamic Kamalesh Kumar at its helm. With an unwavering passion for storytelling and a dream to make a mark in the film industry, Kamalesh Kumar, alongside his friends Rahul Aggarwal and Harish Chandak, has ventured into the world of cinema, promising audiences a delightful cinematic experience.

“I have always been trying to foray into the film industry by finding a good team. My team is set now, and I will be continuously making movies henceforth,” declares Producer Kamalesh Kumar, reflecting the excitement and determination that fuel the birth of ‘Chahat Productions.’ The production house is set to make waves in the cinematic landscape, and Kamalesh Kumar envisions a future filled with compelling stories that resonate with audiences across the country.

The maiden venture of ‘Chahat Productions’ is set to be a treat for cinephiles. Titled ‘Silk Saree,’ this romantic thriller is helmed by the multilingual director T. Nagender. The film is a testament to the diverse linguistic fabric of India, being simultaneously made in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada languages. The production formalities are swiftly nearing completion, and anticipation is building for the cinematic spectacle that ‘Silk Saree’ promises to deliver.

Kamalesh Kumar, well-known in the electrical and electronics business circles in the twin Telugu states, brings a fresh perspective to filmmaking. Determined to embrace diversity, ‘Chahat Productions’ under Kamalesh Kumar’s leadership aims to produce films that resonate with audiences from various linguistic backgrounds. The commitment is clear – at least two multilingual films per year to cater to the diverse tastes of cinema lovers.

While Kamalesh Kumar’s Kamalesh Agency has been a trusted brand in the field of electric and electronic products over the years, his foray into the film industry marks a new chapter in his entrepreneurial journey. Backed by the support of his friends Rahul Aggarwal and Harish Chandak, Kamalesh Kumar envisions transforming ‘Chahat Productions’ into a prominent player in the Indian film landscape.

As ‘Chahat Productions’ sets foot on its cinematic journey, the vision, determination, and passion of Kamalesh Kumar promise a promising future for the production house. The announcement of ‘Silk Saree’ as the debut venture is just the beginning, and audiences can expect a diverse range of stories that capture the essence of Indian cinema.

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