Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao On Pan India movie Record Break

Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao On Pan India movie Record Break

On the occasion of Pan India Movie Record Break coming to the audience on March 8, director Chadalavada Srinivasa Rao chatted with the media and told many things about the movie. Answering media questions on this occasion.

What is the reason for spending so much on this film as well as making it for two years?

In the past, the remuneration of heroes and heroines was less. There are not so many directors and producers. But the current situation has changed. After making a movie like Bicchagadu, it seems that people will make any movie successful if there is content. That is why we have made this film with a lot of expense and trust in a way that touches people’s hearts.

How do you think the title Record Break is a justification for this movie?

Seeing the response that came when the trailer was released as well as the response that came in the media show on Saturday, we felt satisfied as everyone said that this is the correct title for this film. Everyone said that this is the appt title of this movie. After the release of the movie, the audience will feel the same.

Climax Graphics Have you thought of these before?

We made those graphics by spending as much as we thought was necessary for the film.

Did you think that these are the heroes of this movie?

Among the present heroes, there is no one who has such a body and can do weight lift. At that time, one Rama Rao Garu Krishnam Raju Garu would be correct enough. Now they are set correctly.

Did it feel right to spend so much budget on new heroes?

After the release of the film, it should remain a record breaking good film in the hearts of the people. That’s why this is a film made without any compromise.

This movie is being released in eight languages. What is your passion to release in all languages?

Somewhere in Tenali he was a trader of small sticks. Sini Kalamatalli made me stand in the industry. I got good friends. I have grown up in the industry and am in this position as they support me and I support them. I like movies even in my sleep.

At that time he made a film called Head Constable Venkataramaiah, now break the record? How do you think the present generation will like the movie?

At that time a good movie of Head Constable Venkatramaiah played very well in areas like Vijayawada Vizag. The competition at that time could not compete with the big movies to some extent. But now this record breaker definitely stands as a good movie.

What has been the response from the media, relatives and your friends who have seen the film? R Narayana Murthy also spoke about this movie. Your reaction to that?

Everyone who saw the movie also said it was very good. The movie will be more amazing than what R. Narayanamurthy said. After watching this movie Vijay Nagireddy Garu Rajashri Productions took their inputs and cut the 2.45 minutes long movie by 20 minutes. By doing that, the quality of the film has increased even more.

Are there more movie theaters?

Even if we get more in the theatre, we want to release it in some theaters like Nene Beggar and increase it after the success of the film. They will give me any number of theaters, but we want to bring a good film to the audience in fewer theaters without putting pressure on myself.

Is there any scene in this movie that touched your heart?

In the movie Beggar, the child struggles for the mother. But in this movie we came up with the concept of what a mother does for her children. The climax is sure to impress everyone. To go to China for wrestling, the child earns 10 lakhs and sends it to China. Similarly, when they go to China, they sell their blood and bring brownies because they like brownies. Loved the scene where you have to win for me for our India.

How do you think the present producer director relationship is? Since you are directing under your own banner, what is your opinion on this?

Earlier, the director and producer used to be husband and wife. Now the direct hero is one and the producer is not given that much value. This is the main problem to reduce the success rate of movies.

Can big heroes expect big budget films from you from your company?

I will not do big budget films with big heroes while I am alive. The reason I am so healthy is because I don’t do big budget big hero films.

Isn’t it good for the industry to make big movies like that?

Shobhan Babu, Nageswara Rao, Krishna, whom I have worked with in the past are great people. Even if I don’t go to the shooting time, they come and sit before me. Ajay Kumar Sadashiva Rao, KS Nageswara Rao and all of them are great directors. I neither praise nor insult anyone. I have come up from the bottom and my support is always there for those who work hard like me.

Will you continue the direction with this film?

I learned direction through this film. After the success of this movie, if they make a better movie than the movie made by Warner Brothers with good technical values. If all the audience watch the movie and give pass marks, I will make more good movies in the direction.

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