Ahead the pan-Indian release of Indian-2 on July 12th, let us revisit the interesting trivia about Indian (1996) movie.

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  1. Indian is the First Indian film to use prosthetic makeup. Hollywood makeup artist Michael Westmore worked on an older look of Kamal Hassan.
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  1. Graphic designer Venky noted that Indian was his most difficult project to date (in 1997) with a scene constructed to feature Kamal Haasan’s character alongside freedom fighter, Subhas Chandra Bose. Venky had to remove blemishes on the film reel of Bose provided by the Film Division’s archive before merging Kamal Haasan on to the shot to make it appear that the pair were marching in tandem. 
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  1. Indian was chosen as the official entry for the Oscars from India for 1996 Academy Awards, though it didn’t get nominated. Three national awards with Kamal Hassan winning several best actor awards for the film.
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  1. Most expensive movie by then. This film was the highest grossing Tamil film at the time of release making it the first 50 crore club movie in south India. 
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  1. The climax scene has been inspired from the controversial rumours around Subhash Chandra Bose. It was believed that Bose was alive even after his alleged death. Similarly, Senapathy is seen alive in the climax, mysteriously escaping from the fire accident. 

  1. Kamal Haasan was personally trained by Aasan Rajendran in ‘Varma Kalai, an ancient martial art originated in Tamil Nadu. Some claim that this art was originally from Kerala too.
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  2. Shankar had Rajinikanth in mind while writing Indian, especially the iconic interval scene. The alternate plan of Shankar was to cast Venkatesh as son and Rajashekar as Hero. Fortunately, Kamal Haasan agreed to do the film. 
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