‘Yevam’ Review : Misleading and laughable

'Yevam' Review : Misleading and laughable

The story takes place in Vikarabad, where young girls are being trapped by a creepy male named Yugandhar (Vasishta Simha). His modus operandi leaves the local SI Abhiram (Jai Bharat Raj) somewhat perplexed. The inquisitive constable at the police station, Sowmya (Chandini Chowdary), might be able to crack the case. But before she knows, she herself runs the risk of falling for a trap.

Telugu Funda’s take on the primary performances:

  1. Chandini Chowdary: Commendable and never imitates any actress who has previously done similar roles.
  2. Vasishta Simha: Looks apt for the role of a sinister person with a seeming pathological issue.
  3. Jai Bharat Raj: Looks the part of a soft-spoken boss and a dutiful cop.
  4. Annie and others: Their performances are uneven.

Telugu Funda’s take on the merits:

The film manages to maintain a modicum of suspense till about the interval. Although none of the ideas have been developed smartly, the audience’s interest doesn’t dwindle. You keep hoping that the film’s title wouldn’t have been so interesting if the plot was so bland. And it is then that the film crushes your hopes.

Telugu Funda’s take on the major losses:

The interval block was supposed to be a bolt from the blue. It would have been the case had the film been made some 15 years ago. This review-writer is tempted to mention a trend-setting Kollywood blockbuster from the 2000s to give a good idea of the villain’s character. However, doing so would give you no reason to watch ‘Yevan’ even on OTT. So, let’s spare you from the ultimate spoiler.

Psychological thrillers with a crime angle have been over-exploited. The scope for novelty is limited if innovation is absent. ‘Yevam’ tries to pull off a screenplay innovation which actually looks like a joke. It is so irksome that, by the time the climax arrives, you don’t care for anything – not even a believable ending.

The attempt at misleading the audience is immature, to say the least. The segments involving the antagonist are a gigantically idiotic way of misleading the audience.

Telugu Funda’s verdict:

‘Yevam’ is a dim, dull and desprate psychological thriller drama whose only merits are its primary performances. Even the much-vaunted background score is meh!

Telugu FundaRating: 4.34/10

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