Vennela Kishore gears up for ‘Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes’

Vennela Kishore gears up for 'Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes'

After ‘Chaari 111’, Vennela Kishore will once again be seen in the role of a detective. ‘Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes’ is the title of the crime comedy thriller he is currently doing. Directed by Writer Mohan, the entertainer stars Ananya Nagella of ‘Vakeel Saab’ fame as the female lead. Vennapusa Ramana Reddy is producing it.

A song sung by Mangli and composed by Sunil Kashyap has been released, setting off musical promotions.

The film also features Seeya Gautham, Sneha Gupta, Ravi Teja Mahadasyam, Baahubali Prabhakar, Muralidhar Goud, Bhadram, Anish Kurivella, Naga Mahesh, and others.

Vennela Kishore has the opportunity to undo the negative impact of ‘Chaari 111’, which flopped at the box-office. ‘Srikakulam Sherlock Holmes’ might arrive at the cinemas in July or August. The actor was seen as a magician in this week’s release, ‘O Manchi Ghost’.

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