Theatre shutdown: Star heroes, directors must also take blame

Theatre shutdown: Star heroes, directors must also take blame

In an interview today, producer-distributor-exhibitor D Suresh Babu said that star-studded movies are the only ones that are attracting the audience to theatres these days. Small films have been completely ignored by the audience. As a result, theatres have been incurring heavy losses. “Not even 4-5 individuals watched most movies in theatres per show this Summer. As a result, exhibitors decided to shut shop for two weeks in May to lessen their maintenance costs,” Suresh Babu said.

Suresh Babu also argued that stars are doing only one film per year, two years or even three years. 

The likes of Prabhas, Allu Arjun and Ram Charan have had delayed releases. Many directors who do big-ticket, pan-Indian movies take years to complete their projects. Directors, after just one blockbuster, don’t announce any film for two years. They keep searching for a pan-Indian project. 

Earlier, if a film got delayed by even three months, it used to shock the trade. These days, the trade would be shocked if a film’s schedule is not behind by at least one year

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