‘TANTRA’ Scheduled to Release On Mar 15, 2024


The content in ‘Tantra’ is fantastic. The movie has gripping cinematic sequences, and it is believed to achieve significant success. The main roles are played by Ananya Nagalla and Dhanush Raghumudri, and the creative promotional content for ‘Tantra’ has already generated a lot of buzz. The talented director Srinivas Gopishetty has directed the film, produced by Nuresh Babu P under banners like Fast Copy Movies, B the Way Films, and Vizag Film Factory.

The trailer launch event was held, featuring Ananya Nagalla and the team. The film is set to release on March 15th. The movie is said to be a unique content piece, and the trailer has created intense anticipation. The film explores the concept of tantric rituals during the Ramayana war, portraying the character of Lakshman performing a unique ritual amidst the battle. The trailer has received a positive response for its gripping narrative and intense horror sequences.

The trailer showcases Ananya Nagalla beautifully, especially in a chilling room scene where she impressively portrays a character with intense emotions. The film promises a different and engaging experience, with Ananya and Dhanush delivering brilliant performances. The roles of Saloni, Temper Vanshi, and Mysala Lakshman add depth to the storyline.

Director Srinivas Gopishetty is praised for incorporating elements of tantric knowledge with gripping storytelling. The movie is expected to make a significant impact with its impressive cinematography, sound design, and art work. The production values are commendable, and the trailer has successfully raised curiosity about the content.

Ananya Nagalla spoke at the trailer launch event, expressing her excitement about the movie. She mentioned that ‘Tantra’ is a different film and expressed confidence that it would be a career-best movie for her. She also extended thanks to the team and conveyed her best wishes to the producers Nuresh Babu P, Mallisam Ananya, and Tantara Ananya.

Hero Dhanush Raghumudri also spoke, emphasizing the importance of tantric elements in the film. He appreciated Srinivas Gopishetty for his excellent performance as a director. Dhanush expressed gratitude to the team and believed that the movie would be a hit, wishing success for ‘Vakeel Saab,’ ‘Ananya Nagalla,’ and ‘Mallisam Ananya.’

Music director RR Dhruvan, talking about the film, praised director Srinivas Gopishetty for his remarkable visualization and stated that they composed the background music and songs for two months. The music team is thankful for the support and mentioned that ‘Tantra’ will be Ananya’s career-best film.

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