Sri Devi Movies Glorious Journey In TFI

Sri Devi Movies Glorious Journey In TFI

Telugu cinema has seen remarkable films produced by production houses listed in the record. The name of Sri Devi Movies banner is always there. Producer Shivalenka Krishna Prasad, who set trends with films like “Aditya 369” with actor Singham Nandamuri Balakrishna, “Vamshanikokkadu”, “Gentleman” with Nani, “Sammohanam” with Sudheer Babu, “Yashoda” with Samantha, has presented trend-setting films to the audience. This is not just about how many films a producer has made, but about giving good films to the audience, isn’t it? That’s what producer Shivalenka Krishna Prasad thinks. That’s why, good content-based films have come from his production house… and are coming.

Chandra Mohan, Rajendra Prasad, played heroes in the film “Chinnaodu – Peddodu” produced by Shivalenka Krishna Prasad under the Sri Devi Movies banner. It was released on April 1, 1988. With that film, producer Shivalenka Krishna Prasad began his journey as a straight film producer. Prior to that, they released dubbed Tamil films in Telugu. It’s not just about how many films we made, did we give good films to the audience? Or not? That’s what producer Shivalenka Krishna Prasad thinks. Hence, many content-based films have come from his production house… and are coming.

Satyaraj, Prabhu, Nadia acted in the Tamil hit “Chinna Thambi – Periya Thambi” which is a remake of “Chinnaodu – Peddodu”. Shivalenka Krishna Prasad bought remake rights for Rs. 70 lakhs with the liking of the Tamil film. Sri Devi Movies banner was established on Gandhi Jayanti Day in 1987, started recording songs on October 2. Gana Gandharva SP Balasubrahmanyam provided music for this film… Jandhyala dialogues, Veturi & Vennelakanti lyrics were given. Under the direction of Relangi Narasimha Rao, produced by Snehitulu MV Rao, Srimati Anita Krishna as producer, Shivalenka Krishna Prasad made the film “Chinnaodu – Peddodu”. It was a success in 12 centers for 100 days. Since then, Sri Devi Movies is continuing its journey to success.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Sri Devi Movies, Shivalenka Krishna Prasad spoke… “When our production house name is mentioned, everyone remembers ‘Aditya 369’ which I made with Balayya Babu. That’s my first film. They think that’s enough. Not only in life, but the first step as a producer also should not be forgotten. The first step as a producer was successful. I owe my life to my first inspiration, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao. I am indebted to Chandra Mohan Mama. In the 36 years as a producer, have you seen many successes, many failures? Even after seeing so many, I moved forward with the inspiration given by ‘Chinnaodu – Peddodu’.” 

The shooting of “Chinnaodu – Peddodu” took place in Vedilesvaran village, 2 kilometers from Ravulapalem, on January 7, 1988. They made the film with a budget of 21 lakhs within 27 days. They earned profits of over 40 lakhs. They gave profits to the producer and benefits to the distributors.

Starting as an actor, Shivalenka Krishna Prasad launched a film under Sri Devi Movies banner this time. It is a hat-trick film produced by Mohan Krishna Indraganti after the successes of “Nani Gentleman” and “Sammohanam”. Currently, it’s in the stage of filmmaking.

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