‘Raithe Raju’ Declared as the King: ‘Rajadhani Files’ Triumphs Amid Controversy


The justice system has resoundingly declared ‘Raithe Raju’ as the king, and the film ‘Rajadhani Files,’ directed by the talented Ravi Shankar under the banner of Telugu One Productions, has emerged victorious after facing legal hurdles. Released on February 15, the film delves into the struggles faced by farmers who sacrificed their lands for the capital, shedding light on the consequences faced by a government that inflicted injustice upon them.

Despite facing controversy and a court case, ‘Rajadhani Files’ received the green signal from the High Court, allowing it to reach audiences with its impactful narrative. The movie has been appreciated for its compelling content, depicting the harsh realities experienced by farmers and addressing the issues surrounding land acquisition for the capital.

Ravi Shankar, the producer of the film, expressed his joy and gratitude for the positive response. He stated, “Today, the justice system has ruled in favor of ‘Raithe Raju,’ and it is a victory for the farmers. Our film ‘Rajadhani Files’ has been vindicated, depicting the challenges faced by those who sacrificed their lands for the capital. The small hurdle that existed for our film has been cleared today.”

The filmmaker extended his heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the film during the legal challenges, emphasizing the courage displayed by supporters throughout the past two days. Ravi Shankar acknowledged the positive response received and expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support.

Encouraging farmers to watch the film, Ravi Shankar reiterated the film’s commitment to portraying their struggles and conveying a powerful message. He urged the audience to appreciate the film in theaters, highlighting its relevance to the current socio-political situation. Despite the challenges faced, ‘Rajadhani Files’ aims to raise awareness of social issues and advocate for the rights of farmers.

In his statement, Ravi Shankar emphasized the positive impact the film has had and the widespread support it garnered from various quarters. He praised the dedication of the director, Bhanu, and the entire team, who are committed to making a difference through their work. The filmmaker encouraged everyone to watch the movie, inviting audiences to theaters and show their appreciation for a film that strives to address critical social issues and shed light on the struggles faced by farmers.

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