‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari’ is Sure to Entertain the Audience: Director Sriram Aditya


The team behind the upcoming emotional drama ‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari” gathered for a title launch press meet, creating anticipation for a unique and compelling love story set against the backdrop of Rayalaseema. Directed by Sanjay Reddy Bangarapu, the film features the promising talent of Praveen Rajkumar, alongside Sasikatikko and Ashu Reddy in pivotal roles. With K. O. Ramaraju as the producer, the movie has already generated buzz with its intriguing title and promising storyline.

The chief guest at the press meet, Director Sriram Aditya, commended the interesting title and poster of ‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari’,  Extending his best wishes to the entire film crew, Aditya expressed confidence in the film’s success, setting the stage for what is expected to be an emotional rollercoaster for audiences.

Director Krishna Chaitanya echoed Aditya’s sentiments, praising the uniqueness of the title and the distinct content of the film. He commended Praveen Rajkumar’s dedication and hard work, extending his best wishes to the entire team for the success of the movie.

Praveen Rajkumar, the lead actor, provided insights into the film’s theme, highlighting the universal theme of first love and the varied experiences that come with it. He emphasized Madhunandan’s memorable portrayal of a character who remains entangled in his first love, adding a layer of complexity to the narrative. Rajkumar also expressed gratitude to the directors and everyone involved in the film.

Director Sanjay Reddy Bangarapu shed light on the film’s background, stating that ‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari’ aims to showcase the pure love prevalent in the Rayalaseema region, providing a unique perspective on relationships against the backdrop of factional fights. He expressed hope that the audience would appreciate the rural love story set in this distinctive setting.

Sasikatikko, who plays the role of Satya in the film, shared her excitement about being a part of a project with a compelling story. She expressed confidence that the movie, with its strong narrative and well-crafted characters, would entertain audiences and leave a lasting impact.

Ashu Reddy, portraying the character of Padma, described her role as very different and expressed gratitude to the director and producers for entrusting her with such a significant part in the film.

Director Weerashankar emphasized the importance of supporting new producers and creating a positive environment within the industry. He congratulated the team of ‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari’ and urged the industry to continue fostering a supportive atmosphere for emerging talents.

The cast and crew, including Madhunandan, expressed their passion and dedication towards the film, highlighting its unique storyline and emotional depth. With a promising ensemble cast, skilled crew, and a director passionate about delivering a memorable cinematic experience, ‘Padma Vyhuhamlo Chakradhari’ is poised to entertain audiences with its pure love emotional drama when it hits the screens.

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