Pune Porsche accident: Netizens demand justice for dead IT employees

Pune Porsche accident: Netizens demand justice for dead IT employees

The other day, a minor named Vedant Agarwal (17 years 8 months) rammed his Porsche and killed two bike-borne youngsters. The victims are IT engineers from Madhya Pradesh. The incident took place in Pune. The perpetrator’s father, Vishal Agarwal, is the owner of a realty company named/ Bramha Realty. Reportedly, the guilty youngster was driving the car at 150 kmph. The car is not only unregistered but also unlicensed.

Shockingly, Vedant was given bail by a local court in just 15 hours. Allegedly, a powerful politician got it done behind the curtains. Vedant is likely to be let off with a light punishment. The whole story has shocked the conscience of many.

Netizens are questioning why can’t Vedant be tried as a major in this case. His lawyer, appearing on a TV channel, sounded extremely arrogant while answering the question posed by a journalist. 

Vedant was returning from a pub but his blood report has since said that he was not inebirated! Even this report doesn’t seem to be genuine. As a Netizen asked, “Why did the club owner served alcohol and admitted a minor. The traffic police failed to notice an unregistered, overspeeding car on the road for months. Why did they turn a blind eye?” Aaransh asked.

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