Disney+ Hotstar announces Hotstar Specials “Yakshini” in collaboration with Arka Media

Disney+ Hotstar announces Hotstar Specials "Yakshini" in collaboration with Arka Media

Hyderabad, 21st May 2024: In an exciting announcement today, Disney+ Hotstar revealed its latest original series, Hotstar Specials “Yakshini,” a captivating blend of romance, fantasy, and comedy. Directed by Teja Marni, this ambitious project represents a significant milestone for the streaming platform, offering viewers an engaging journey where the power of love intertwines with the mission of a Yakshini. This announcement underscores Disney+ Hotstar’s dedication to providing diverse and compelling entertainment experiences to its global audience.

Set against ancient lore and modern-day romance, “Yakshini” tells the story of Krishna, a hopeless romantic longing for true love, and Maya, a Yakshini bound to Earth by an ancient curse. Maya’s quest to save her clan by eliminating a hundred men intertwines fatefully with Krishna’s life. Their journey together is fraught with challenges that test their beliefs and alter their destinies.

Led by a stellar cast, including Vedhika Kumar and Rahul Vijay, alongside Manchu Laxmi and Ajay, “Hotstar Specials Yakshini” promises to captivate audiences with its enchanting narrative and visually stunning production.

Produced by Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni of Arka Media Works, renowned for their grand-scale storytelling, and helmed by Teja Marni’s visionary direction, “Yakshini” represents a pinnacle in original content creation. This Hotstar Special series will be released in June, marking the third collaboration between Disney+ Hotstar and Arka Media Works, following the success of the acclaimed seasons of “Parampara.”

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