Production No.1  Connect Movies LL. P featuring Raj Tarun 

Production No.1 Connect Movies LL. P featuring Raj Tarun

The grand opening ceremony of Connect Movies LL. P Production No. 1 marked a significant milestone in the Telugu film industry as it introduced a promising new venture helmed by talented individuals. The event, held at Ramanaidu Studios, was graced by esteemed personalities from the film fraternity, adding to the excitement surrounding the launch.

Raj Tarun, renowned for his youthful charm and acting prowess, takes on the role of Govindaraju, the protagonist in this upcoming venture. Presented by Connect Movies LL. P, the film is set to be directed by the promising newcomer Ramesh Kadumulu, who brings a fresh perspective to the project.

Backing the production are Muralidhar Reddy and KITN Srinivas, whose vision and support are instrumental in bringing this project to life. Actress Rashi Singh joins the cast as the leading lady, adding her talent and charisma to the ensemble.

The auspicious occasion saw the presence of esteemed guests including director Maruthi, producer S. KN, Nakkina Trinadha Rao, and Viveka Kuchibotla of People Media Factory, among others. Their attendance underscored the industry’s anticipation for this new cinematic endeavor.

The event kicked off with Praveen Sattar switching on the camera, symbolizing the commencement of filming. Director Maruthi imparted his blessings and shared insights, setting the tone for the movie’s creative journey. Nakkina Trinadha Rao directed the first shot, marking the beginning of an exciting production process.

Director Ramesh Kadumulu expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its unique blend of crime and comedy. He revealed plans for an October release and expressed confidence in the story’s universal appeal. The support of the chief guests was acknowledged with gratitude, setting a positive tone for the film’s journey ahead.

Producer KITN Srinivas echoed Kadumulu’s sentiments, emphasizing the film’s captivating storyline and the team’s commitment to delivering a memorable cinematic experience. The collective effort and dedication of the entire crew were commended, setting high expectations for the project’s success.

Actress Rashi Singh expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the film, praising the director and producers for their faith in her abilities. Her excitement to work alongside Raj Tarun and her admiration for the script added to the anticipation surrounding the project.

Raj Tarun, in his address, extended his gratitude to the attendees and expressed his enthusiasm for the genre and storyline. With regular shooting scheduled to commence on April 15th, the team is gearing up for an exhilarating journey ahead, fueled by passion and creativity.

The film boasts a talented crew, including star composer Shekhar Chandra, cinematographer Aditya Jawwadi, editor Praveen Pudi, and art director ‘Baby’ Suresh Beemagani, promising audiences an immersive cinematic experience.

“All the best to Hero Raj Tarun and the production team from Telugu Funda”

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