Pity! Telugu film bodies are always in news for wrong reasons

Pity! Telugu film bodies are always in news for wrong reasons

No election in the Telugu film industry goes unnoticed. Know why? Every election is marred by some or the other controversy. The 2022 Movie Artists Association elections are a case in point. Every other day, two opposing camps quarreled like school kids. It was frustrating to watch them pass comments against each other during the elections to the 900-member body.

The Telugu Film Producer’s Council election in 2023, too, was in the news for controversial reasons. The Council stood divided into two camps. Then President C Kalyan was accused of deliberately delaying the conduct of elections and also of misusing his power. Nobody knows the truth about whether Kalyan really did it. That’s not the point. The thing is, even a simple election to a body comprising barely two dozen active members was in the news for all the wrong reasons.

We shall now talk about the Telugu Film and TV Dancers and Dance Directors Association (TFTDDA). Have you heard about it? Even film journalists didn’t until Monday! We now know about it thanks to Jani Master, the popular dance choreographer, who held a press meet in Hyderabad to defend himself against a police complaint lodged by a less-known dancer. Let’s forget for a moment who is innocent and who is wrong. Let’s forget for a moment whether TFTDDA is a functional body or not. What is interesting is that even this little-known body is no stranger to disputes, controversies and internal tensions.

Why is every Telugu film body in the news over some or the other controversy? Why don’t the film industry elders ponder over this?

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