‘Ooru Peru  Bhairavakona’ is a Supernatural Fantasy Entertainer: Director VI Anand


Young Talented Sandeep Kishan Magical Fantasy Adventure Movie ‘Ooru Peru  Bhairavakona”. Directed by VI Anand. Kavya Thapar and Varsha Bollamma acted as heroines. Produced on a lavish scale by Rajesh Danda under the banner of Comedy Movies. Proudly Presented by Anil Sunkara on AK Entertainments. Balaji Gutta is the co-producer of this film. The promotional content of the film which has already released has created a huge buzz among the audience. The film is releasing worldwide on February 16. In this context, director VI Anand shared the special features of ‘Ooru Peru  Bhairavakona’ in a press conference.

How did the ‘Ooru Peru  Bhairavakona’ project start?

After ‘Tiger’, I always wanted to do another film with Sandeep. After ‘Discoraja’ I got time to write this story. There is another story along with this. When Sandeep was told about these two ideas, he was very excited about the story of ‘Town name Bhairavakona’. We fixed that if I do this story it will be very new and it will set a trend. Even Sandeep has not done supernatural fantasy genre till now. It is very different for him too. This is a movie that gives a great experience in terms of visuals and sound on the big screen. Rajesh had not yet produced his first film. Very excited about this project. In fact, production number 1 in comedy movies is ‘Uru Param Bhairavakona’. Our best friend is Anil. We wanted him to come in this project. So the journey started when Anil joined.

Did you give the title when you thought of the story of ‘Ooru Peru  Bhairavakona’ ? What will be the background of Karma Siddhanta and Garudapurana in this?

After writing the story, we thought of some titles during the dialogue writing time. In that

We found the app ‘Town Name Bhairavakona’ and fixed it. The title has a touch of mythology. This story also has the background of Karma Siddhanta, Garudapuranam and Shivdandam, so this title is apt. This story is in the rules of Karma Siddhanta. Our karma comes back in a different way. This philosophy is present in the story line itself. I am very interested in life and death. The journey of the soul after death is detailed in Garudapurana. This journey was very interesting.

Anil Sunkara said that the success of this film is very important for all of us.. Did you feel pressured during the making of the film?

The pressure is there. No matter how great the story is told, no matter how much fame you get, you need commercial success in the end. It is believed that ‘Uru Prama Bhairavakona’ will be a big commercial success. I am very happy to come to Bhairavakon for the biggest opening in my career.

Usually, fantasy adventure stories have budget problems for visuals.. What kind of challenges did you face in this film?

This movie has no problems in terms of production. We have designed it very grandly without compromising anywhere. Also, we have taken all precautions not to waste anywhere. Anil sir and Rajesh sir believed in the story very strongly and provided everything needed. To bring people to the theatres, we decided to give them the visual experience and content they needed and made the film. This is a movie that connects with youth, family, and everyone.

How is the fun entertainment in Bhairava Kona?

Vennela Kishore’s track has worked out well. Dr. Narappa is playing a hilarious character. Also, the fun element in Viva Harsha’s role has been done well. Also Kavya is very funny and interesting in Thapar. There is a lot of good fun in it. Audience will definitely enjoy it. The movie is like a fun ride.

Twists are good in your movies.. Are there any twists in this one?

There are two big twists. Along with these, there are also small twists. Every ten minutes the audience will take unexpected turns. The screenplay is very engaging. This is a movie to enjoy in the theater.

What changes have happened in Sandeep Kishan so far for Tiger?

Sandeep still has the fire and passion he had then. He is not tired. Every film is believed to be the first film. He has matured a lot in terms of acting.

Honestly, did you expect the song to become such a big hit?

I really didn’t expect it. We love the song. This is a key song between the lead pair in the film. I thought it would help their love chemistry. But I did not think that such a big reach would come. Shekhar Chandra’s beautiful tune, Srimani’s lyrics, Sid Sriram’s voice.. all these make the song special. It’s great when a song becomes such a big hit. This song has helped a lot for the current openings.

It has been ten years since you entered the industry..how was this journey?

Journey is happy. But it would have been better if three more films were added to the filmography. Some projects have been delayed due to various reasons beyond my, control.

About your new projects?

A film with Nikhil is under discussion. I am writing a story. Also I am writing a story for a big hero. I will tell you the details soon.

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