Mehreen Pirzada to initiate legal action against media 

Mehreen Pirzada to initiate legal action against media

Actress Mehreen Pirzada has called out the media for saying that she had become pregnant before marriage. YouTube thumbnails in the past few days have grossly misreported her decision to opt for egg freezing as something else. This has angered her.

Mehreen has now warned of taking recourse to legal options if those who have amplified the fake news don’t take down the fake news. Spreading news with false and inaccurate information isn’t just unethical, it’s also against the law, she opined. “My intention in sharing the news about egg freezing was to enlighten those who engage in such practices. I took a bold step in sharing a deeply personal decision to raise awareness. I hope to empower young women to make informed choices, particularly regarding egg freezing,” she implied.

The actress was recently seen in ‘Sultan Of Delhi’, a Disney Plus Hotstar original. 

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