‘Mechanic Rocky’: Why is Vishwak Sen needlessly upset? 

'Mechanic Rocky': Why is Vishwak Sen needlessly upset? 

Vishwak Sen sees ‘Mechanic Rocky’ as a major film in his career. It has the potential to become his career’s biggest opener in terms of first-weekend collections. 

The other day, a senior journalist reported that the film’s theatrical rights for the Telugu States, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are with Asian Suresh Entertainment. As per the report, the rights were sold by producer Ram Talluri for Rs 8 Cr on an NRA basis. The claim was backed by the film’s publicists as well. 

Surprisingly, the ‘Gangs Of Godavari’ actor came out of nowhere and disputed the claim. He mocked the journo and described his newsbreak as silly gossip. He used the words ‘Donkey egg’ to trash the report. 

It’s not clear what is going on behind the doors. Wasn’t Sen informed about the deal by the makers? We wouldn’t know.

‘Mechanic Rocky’ has music by Raviteja Mullapudi. Its music is by Jakes Bejoy. 

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