‘Love Me: If You Dare’ Trailer: Potential Sleeper Hit of Summer!

'Love Me_ If You Dare' Trailer_ Potential sleeper hit of Summer!

This Summer may have been extremely dull at the cinemas but ‘Love Me: If You Dare’ could become the first sleeper hit of the season. The film’s Trailer is out and the content is intriguing. 

Starring Ashish Reddy as a curious youngster who likes doing what others don’t want him to do, the romantic horror thriller has ‘Baby’ fame Vaishnavi Chaitanya as the female lead. “If you are possessed inside a temple, they say God has walked in. If you are possessed outside a temple, they say you are being possessed by a ghost,” the makers said at the Trailer launch event. 

‘Love Me’ will arrive at the cinemas on May 25th (the coming Saturday). Produced by Dil Raju Productions, its music is by MM Keeravani. The cinematography and production design are by PC Sreeram and Avinash Kolla, respectively. 

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