‘Krishnarama’ is a Special Film That Engages the Audience, Says Actor Rajendra Prasad

Krishnarama teaser launch

Actor Rajendra Prasad and Gautami in the lead roles, directed by Raj Madiraju, the film ‘#Krishnarama’. Ananya Sharma, Srikanth Iyengar, Charan Lakkaraju, Ravi Varma, Gemini Suresh, Rachcha Ravi and others played key roles. Produced by Venkata Kiran, Kumar Kallakuri and Hema Madhuri under Adwitiya Movies banner. The movie will be streaming on OTT ‘ETV Win’ from October 22. On this occasion, the film unit organized a teaser launch event.

Actor Rajendra Prasad said at the teaser launch event. Now the movie has come home. Movies are released directly on OTT. I am also adapting myself to these changes. I won the Best Performer of the Year Award in Mumbai for the OTT movie ‘Senapati’. OTT movies should have good content. If there is no good content, the audience will change the channel immediately. #Krishnarama is a very special film. It was very surprising when Raj told the story. This is a suitable story for Janaresh. It is a wonderful story told through the perspective of a retired old couple in the setting of social media. It is believed that after watching #Krishnarama, the audience will also become a part of the story. This is such an honest story. Raj has chosen the actors very well. Gautami, I feel it is a wonderful opportunity to play these roles. Thank you to everyone who worked in this movie. The movie will be aired on ETV Win from October 22. I wish with all my heart that all of you in our family will watch this movie at home while celebrating the festival.

Gautami said… #Krishnarama is a very unique and special project. Thanks to the director Raj who wrote such a nice story. This is a very modern subject. Special thanks to Rajendra Prasad. My first hero was Rajendra Prasad. #Krishnarama magical beautiful film. Many young talents have worked for this movie. I love Ananya’s web series. The producers have completed the film without any deficiency. #Krishnarama is a memorable movie. It will certainly entertain everyone,” he said.

Ananya Sharma said.. This is my first feature film. The story of #Krishnarama is in our real life. This is the story of grandparents. I am happy to get an opportunity in such a good movie. Working with Rajendra Prasad and Gautami is a pleasure. The movie will release on October 22 on ETV Win. Everyone should watch it,” he said.

Director Raj Madiraju said.. #Krishnarama was a roller coaster ride for me. This is my fourth film. This is a story written by Manasupetti after ‘Rishi’. Rajendra Prasad is a perfect actor. I narrated the story with Rajendra Prasad when he acted in the movie Annie Mandhi Shakunamule. He liked it very much. I narrated the story to Gautami for the role of Krishna. Gautami also liked it. Both these great actors have never looked back after getting into the project. We learned a lot from watching them. Thanks to ETV company. Thank you to everyone who worked in this movie. #Krishnarama will definitely entertain everyone,” he said.

Actors: Actor Rajendra Prasad, Gauthami, Ananya Sharma, Srikanth Iyengar, Charan Lakkaraju, Ravi Verma, Gemini Suresh, Ratcharavi etc.

Technical Team:
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Direction: Raj Madiraju
Producers: Venkata Kiran, Kumar Kallakuri, Hema Madhuri
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Cameraman: Ranganath Gogineni
Editor: Junaid Siddique
Art Director: Vishnu Nair
PRO: Vamsi Shekhar

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