Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana’ Success Meet

Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana' Success Meet

The team behind the unique crime thriller “Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana,” starring Siva Kandukuri, expressed their gratitude to the audience at a grand success meet organized to celebrate the film’s blockbuster success. Produced by Snehal, Shasidhar, and Karthik, the movie, directed by Purushottam Raj, captivated audiences with its distinctive content and suspenseful storytelling.

Siva Kandukuri, the lead actor, shared his joy and appreciation for the overwhelming response from the audience. “We initially believed that reaching the audience with our promotional material would be sufficient. However, a desire to achieve blockbuster success lingered within our team. We are thrilled that the audience not only met but exceeded our expectations. The positive reviews and feedback from both the audience and media are heartening. Providing a visual experience that audiences can enjoy is truly fulfilling,” he said.

The actor thanked the producers Snehal, Sashidhar, and Karthik for their unwavering support. He extended his congratulations to director Purushottam Raj for achieving success with his debut film. Siva Kandukuri acknowledged the collaborative effort of the entire team, including the talented music composer Sreecharan and the dedicated cast, including Rashi Singh, Shafi, Arun, and Devi Prasad.

Expressing gratitude towards the Telugu audience, Kandukuri emphasized their crucial role in supporting content-driven movies. He encouraged those who haven’t watched the film to experience it in theaters, promising an entertaining and engaging cinematic journey.

Heroine Rashi Singh conveyed her appreciation to the audience for the overwhelming response, exceeding their expectations. She thanked the producers, director Purushottam Raj, and the entire team for their hard work. Rashi Singh highlighted the positive feedback from viewers and urged everyone to watch the film in theaters.

Director Purushottam Raj expressed his joy at the wonderful response and positive reviews for the movie. He emphasized the significance of the theatrical experience and requested the audience’s continued support.

Raj Kandukuri, one of the producers, celebrated the film’s commercial success and acknowledged the recognition garnered by lead actor Siva Kandukuri. He thanked the entire team for their contributions and encouraged those who haven’t seen the movie to watch it for an entertaining experience.

Producers Snehal and Sashidhar expressed their delight at the amazing response, with theaters witnessing growing housefull shows. They thanked the audience for the success and appreciated the efforts of the entire film unit.

The success meet was attended by the entire film unit, creating a grand celebration atmosphere. The film continues to draw audiences to theaters, establishing itself as a commercial hit.

“Bhootaddham Bhaskar Narayana” is a crime thriller that stands out for its unique concept and suspenseful storytelling. The film, released on March 1, has become a blockbuster hit, captivating audiences with its engaging narrative and stellar performances. The success meet served as a platform to express gratitude to the audience for their overwhelming support.

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