First Look of Director Vijaya Bhaskar’s ‘Usha Parinayam’ Lights Up Valentine’s Day

Vijaya-Bhaskars Valentines-Day

Valentine’s Day turned even more special for Telugu cinema enthusiasts as the first look of Director Vijaya Bhaskar’s upcoming family entertainer, ‘Usha Parinayam,’ was unveiled. Known for his remarkable creative finesse and the ability to weave heartwarming narratives, Vijaya Bhaskar returns to the director’s chair with a promise of a feel-good family drama akin to his previous blockbuster hits like ‘Nuvve Kavali,’ ‘Manmadhudu,’ and ‘Malleeswari.’

As the caption ‘Love is Beautiful’ adorns the poster, it sets the tone for what promises to be a delightful cinematic experience. The choice to reveal the first look on Valentine’s Day adds a layer of sentimentality to the film, hinting at a tale that revolves around the beauty of love and relationships.

Vijaya Bhaskar’s son, Sree Kamal, takes on the lead role in ‘Usha Parinayam,’ marking his debut in the world of Telugu cinema. Paired opposite him is the talented Tanvi Akaanksha, a Telugu girl, whose chemistry with Sree Kamal is expected to be one of the film’s standout features. The poster captures a glimpse of the romantic charm that awaits audiences.

The makers revealed that the talkie portions of the film have been successfully completed, marking a significant milestone in the production process. The next phase will see the shooting of the film’s songs set against picturesque foreign locations, adding a touch of glamour to the narrative. With the production moving ahead swiftly, ‘Usha Parinayam’ is gearing up for a complete and captivating cinematic experience.

Apart from the lead pair, the film features a stellar ensemble cast that includes Vennela Kishore, Sivaji Raja, Aamani, Sudha, Anand Chakrapani, Rajitha, Balakrishna, Surya, Madhumani, and others, each contributing to the film’s rich and diverse narrative.

‘Usha Parinayam’ is set to be a visual and auditory treat, with RR Dhruvan composing the music, Satish Muthyala handling cinematography, and MR Varma in charge of editing. The creative team’s collaboration under Vijaya Bhaskar’s direction promises a harmonious blend of storytelling and technical brilliance.

With the first look of ‘Usha Parinayam’ unveiled on Valentine’s Day, Director Vijaya Bhaskar has set the stage for a heartwarming family drama that celebrates the beauty of love. As the film progresses in production, anticipation builds for a cinematic journey that promises laughter, emotions, and an exploration of relationships. ‘Usha Parinayam’ is poised to be a testament to Vijaya Bhaskar’s storytelling prowess, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the release of this family entertainer.

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