Dear Nanna (2024): Unbearable 40 Minute PSA Ad

Dear Nanna (2024): Unbearable 40 Minute PSA Ad.

As I was 10 Minutes into the movie, the inevitable question of why am I watching this had finally struck me. I had to finish this for the sake of this review. But, why did the filmmaker, Anji Saladhi, continue this unbearable movie? 

Dear Nanna, as the name might suggest you, is a homage to the Father of protagonist played by flat-faced Chaitanya Rao. The father role was played by Surya Kumar Bhagvandas. He is a pharmacist, or a person who owns a medical shop. Labelling with certainty is a tricky thing in a loosely regulated medical market in India. However, father loves his profession and becomes the stereotypical Bommarillu-father trope hoping to drag his aspiring-to-be-chef son into the Pharma “business”. 

The time period this movie was set in was in COVID. Perhaps this should not have been done by writer Rajesh Mahankali. Because, we are bombarded by the constant moral-messaging about the sacrificial work of pharmacists, how noble the pharma-business is, how pharma-business is not a “business’’. The cringiest part was neither the scene with Protagonist’s love-interest nor the climax where the hero finally does the ‘noblest profession’. The cringiest scene is where the father gives the gyan to a careless young lad to wear the mask and gives him a lecture on how much he spent on Masala Dosa. 

Just because the time period happened to be COVID doesn’t mean that they can bring every social thing that had happened in that period without any logical reason, forget about the emotion. The only emotion you might feel while watching is the frustration to end this soon. How did Dear Nanna even got green-signalled by Aha’s creative heads? 

This leads me to the next curious aspect– the runtime. Why was this only 40 minutes? Thank god, it is forty minutes. It is unbearable even at this length. It is a forty-minute length Public Service Announcement that does shallow announcements and does not survive to the public.

You can ignore Dear Nanna on Aha. 

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