Chandrababu Naidu sets an example as the ‘Baap of Communication’

Chandrababu Naidu sets an example as the 'Baap of Communication'

Chandrababu Naidu has been the ‘communication ka baap’ of Indian politics, lately. This is no exaggeration.

Ever since he came to power in July, he has held at least three videographed live presentations on governance-related matters. The Amaravati issue, the Polavaram issue, and other issues deemed important by young voters and farmers have been touched upon by the Chief Minister.

His aim has been two-fold. 1. To expose the previous government led by Jagan Mohan Reddy. 2. To give a realistic picture of how much can be achieved in the short term by his government. He has also spoken about his style of functioning when he first became the CM in 1995.

On Polavaram, the CM has explained why it is impossible to give a deadline as to when the project will be completed. On the capital issue, he denounced Jagan for failing to build infrastructure during the five-year term.

This sort of communication is essential in the era of social media. At times, CBN has been boastful. His claim that he saved the entire country by engineering power sector reforms in 2003 is a bit funny. But he is doing something good by communicating directly to the people and investors.

In the absence of communication, the Opposition is going to spread falsehoods. All parties are guilty of propagating falsehoods, by the way. For example, the Free Sand Policy of the government has been mocked on social media following the YSRCP’s criticism of it. “The policy says ‘Free’, but they are not giving it for free,” YSRCP leaders have said. Following this silly narrative, Naidu on July 9th clarified that ‘Free’ doesn’t mean the government is going to deliver sand at the doorsteps for no cost.

In the age of polarization and agenda-driven media narratives, the CM himself must establish a direct channel with people.

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