‘C 202’ Trailer: A Spine-Chilling Glimpse into Horror Excellence


The realm of horror cinema is set to witness a gripping addition with the upcoming release of ‘C 202,’ a spine-chilling thriller directed by Munna Kasi. Produced by Manohari KA under the banner of Mighty Oak Pictures, this horror film boasts a stellar cast including Munna Kasi himself, Tanikella Bharani, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, Satya Prakash, Shafi, Chitram Sreenu, Y Vijaya, and others.

What sets ‘C 202’ apart is its unique approach to horror, with the entire film shot during the eerie silence of the night. As the post-production phase unfolds, the filmmakers have given audiences a taste of what’s to come by releasing a two-minute trailer. The trailer, aptly titled ‘The Sound of C 202,’ promises a spine-tingling experience with its thrilling sound effects and gripping visuals.

Director Munna Kasi expressed his thoughts on the trailer, stating, “Today, we have released the trailer of the movie ‘C 202’. The trailer showcases the main characters without a single dialogue, heightened by great sound effects and a compelling background score to amplify the expectations of the audience. Watch our trailer with a good sound system. Surely, your expectations from our movie will go up.”

The absence of dialogue in the trailer adds an air of mystery, allowing the visuals and sound effects to speak for themselves. This unconventional approach piques the curiosity of the audience, creating a heightened sense of anticipation for what promises to be an exhilarating horror experience.

The screenplay and story of ‘C 202’ are touted as highly intriguing, promising gripping and thrilling episodes filled with suspense and terrifying horror scenes. The shooting has been completed, and post-production is currently underway at Ramanaidu Studios. The technical aspects of the film, including the use of high-end cameras and top-notch lighting equipment, indicate a commitment to delivering a visually immersive and technically superior cinematic experience.

The cast, comprising Munna Kasi, Tanikella Bharani, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, Satya Prakash, Shafi, Chitram Sreenu, and Y Vijaya, is expected to captivate audiences with their never-before-seen performances. The film also incorporates 21 minutes of graphics, adding an extra layer of visual spectacle to the overall cinematic experience.

As the anticipation for ‘C 202’ continues to build, the trailer has set the stage for a horror film that goes beyond traditional norms, relying on atmospheric tension and exceptional sound design to deliver scares. With Munna Kasi wearing multiple hats as the director, writer, music composer, editor, and more, ‘C 202’ is poised to make its mark as a standout horror thriller in the world of Indian cinema.

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