‘Bhagwant Kesari’ the Most Memorable Film in My Career says Sreeleela

Sreeleela about bhagavath kesari

The most awaited movie ‘Bhagwant Kesari’ is being made under the banner of the famous production company Shine Screens under the direction of successful director Anil Ravipudi with God of Masses Nandamuri Balakrishna as the hero. Kajal Aggarwal is playing the heroine while Srileela is playing the pivotal role. The teaser, songs, trailer and promotional content of the already released film have created huge buzz. Bhagwant Kesari was released on October 19 as a gift for Dussehra.

How did it feel to play the role of Bhagwant Kesari’s daughter?
I liked Bhagwant Kesari’s story very much. There are many films to do glamor roles. This is a film with an emotional drive and scope for acting. It seemed like a film that proves acting. If not now, I won’t be able to do such a role after some time. This is the right time to do this role.
Srilila has got the impression of dance in the minds of the audience. It is very positive but I have to prove myself as an actress. I felt like I got that chance with this film.

What was your reaction when Balakrishna came to the sets for the first time?
The first shot is the training shown in the trailer. I have to do push ups. But I can’t. He insists. Do you really feel like doing push ups after the shot? asked. I told him that the director did not want to do that. (Laughs) Actually, I was feeling a little nervous. There is a fear when meeting him. But that fear disappeared the moment I met him. He was actually named Apt. He has a young mind. Very sweet.

The heroines in Anil Ravipudi’s movies have a unique style. Have you given such a style to your character in this?
Anil Ravipudi also came to a different style with this movie. If you notice that difference is visible in all the promotional material. My role of Vizzi in this is also very different. Wizzy baby is a scared girl. At the same time it is active.

Did Balakrishna give any inputs?
Balakrishna was a man of immense knowledge. Apart from cinema, he has a lot of knowledge in many fields. After I wrote the medicine exam, he used to speak on the chapters with very deep knowledge. I wonder how he knew this if he didn’t do medicine. Even during the shooting, they used to tell me how to do a scene well. Vijji Papa., Nelakonda Bhagwant Kesari.. these two characters also came with us.

How was working with Kajal?
Kajal is beauty with brain. Amazing actor. Very sweet heart. Her timing is amazing. Very good advice. Taught many things. Working with Kajal was a wonderful experience. There are combination scenes with Kajal. I love her comedy timing. There are many things to learn from her.

What is the most challenging scene for you?
I took the entire film as a challenge. The situation came when I tested myself as an artist. The character of Vizzi Papa has stuck in me. “There is a dialogue in this that a female child should be a lady child and not a tiger cub. This is a hero’s quest. I have to do it right for the audience to understand this quest properly. I made this film with that desire.

This character will definitely take me further. Father daughter emotion is very beautiful in this. My character also has a lot of variety. Anil Ravipudi has shot it wonderfully. My real life Chicha is my mother. Chicha used to tell him to be very brave when he was a child. That’s why I connected with this story so much.

Have you reached almost a dozen movies so quickly? how does it feel
Very happy. I thank God, Raghavendra Rao who gave me the first chance and every director who believed in me. In fact, I feel it is a big responsibility.

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