Bad Cop (2024): Generic Premise That Works, Can It Sustain Is The Question.

Bad Cop Review

There is a vacuum created in the web-series market right now in India. We don’t have anything except Farzi and Family Man as acknowledgable mass-hits in recent years. We have to wait and see if Bad Cop can fill this vacuum. 

Bad Cop is an Indian adaptation of German Television series “Bad Cop: Kriminell Gut” directed by Aditya Datt and written by Renzil D’Silva along with many other writers. 

Karan-Arjun are orphaned separated-twins leading opposite lives of a cop and a con-man. One had to secretly swap identities and lead a married cop-life to avenge the death of his brother. His wife is also a cop, but a righteous one. Animal-fame Abhimanyu Arora too seeks revenge on the con-man, who is stuck as a prime-suspect in a murder of a ‘notable well-respected’ journalist, the crime he didn’t commit. In the midst of all these, the super-star of the show, Anurag Kashyap as Kazbe, wants his consignment that contains tusks and other remains of poached animals. 

The plot-line of the show is so generic that it is created to work. The injunction of swapping character– to make an accused thief a cop– and to make the CBI officer Saurabh Sachdeva a close friend of murdered journalist, Anand MIshra, and to make the wife a righteous cop who wouldn’t aid accused murder is all well-written that can progress the plot further interestingly. I mean, the conflicts are placed perfectly that makes up an engageable thriller. Therefore, it is generic that works. It is generic therefore it works. 

Out of a total eight episodes, only two were premiered on 20th late-night. The remaining episodes should ideally be released weekly, The further release dates are not announced yet. They might release on weekends. Let us wait how the show progresses and ends. 

Bad Cop is now streaming on Disney Hotstar. 

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